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Applied Marketing 101: December 2014 Forecast

As I write this, I’m seated in the Royal Hawaiian Hotel’s Surf Kanai Room at sunrise, having breakfast overlooking Waikiki Beach. It is an almost unimaginably pretty spot, and I can’t help but reflect on the celebrities, politicians, and merchant princes who must have sat in this very chair surveying this beautiful scene in days gone by. I am struck not only by the brilliance of the rising sun, but also the palpable afterglow of last night’s extraordinary Republican triumph, for today is Wednesday, November 5, 2014. So it’s a brand new day, not only for Hawaii, but for a new Republican controlled Senate.

The weekly One-on-One

The secret to any great relationship is, without a doubt, communication. That is especially true in hiring, training and retaining great salespeople. I believe that every jewelry store’s sales manager should conduct a weekly, sit down, documented One-on-One conversation with each staff member. The One-on-One is a great way to communicate with staff members. In turn every sales manager should have a One-on-One with their supervisor as well. Whether that person is the owner or the district manager, everyone wants and needs open communication with their direct supervisor.