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Bob Janet

Sales Growth Expert: What is the lowest price? How not to become a victim of the price cutters

A story my grandfather told me one day when I was fretting over the competition cutting price.

“A business owner, age 98, laid dying in his bed when the image of GOD appeared before him and said to the old man, “Jacob, you have been a good honorable man all your life.  You have never cheated nor taken advantage of anyone.  You have always been more than generous in giving to your community, so before you come to heaven is there anything you would like me to tell you, anything you would like to know?”

Sales Growth Expert

How to bring the telephone price shopper into the store

• If you offer a low price guarantee:

• If you DO NOT offer a low price guarantee:

We spend way too much money and time marketing, to get prospects to telephone us only to let them hang up before they make the commitment to come into our store or purchase our products and services over the telephone.

Sales Growth Expert: The Post Office does it... SO CAN YOU

Have you been to your local post office lately?  Take the time, make a trip there.  Go right up to the window and LISTEN.  Sometime during the exchange between the customer and the postal worker they will ask the customer to buy postal products that most customers had no intention of even considering buying.  They always ask you if you need any stamps or mailing supplies.  They ask for the sale. Why do they do this?  Because it works.

Sales Growth Expert: What to do, what to do?

I get telephoned a few times each week by owners, and managers of businesses of all sizes asking, “What can we do to generate some profitable business?  What can I do to increase sales?”

I always answer, “There is a lot of things you can do.  But if you want a fast answer here are 3 things.”