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Amy Minnick

Texas trade shop evolves into successful retail store

They say in Texas everything is bigger. John Green, owner of The Jeweler in Georgetown, Texas agrees.
His reputation as a high quality, experienced jewelry tradesman is driving so many people through his doors that he's recently outgrown his retail space. What's his secret to success? Going blue.

Good Samaritan’s deed spurs creation of Lost & Found Diamond website

What would you do if a stranger walked in your store to return a lost 3.02 carat diamond ring? The odds of finding the owner would seem nearly impossible to most, but not to the staff of Mervis Diamond Importers in Washington, D.C. When faced with the task of searching an enormous database in the hopes of finding the ring's owner, Jon Mervis and his uncle, Zed Mervis, eagerly took on the difficult task.

Helen Infinger’s determination creates family legacy

One woman's determination is all it takes to leave a legacy. Just ask Mack Thomas, grandson to Helen Infinger, the 75 year old owner and operator of Infinger's Jewelry in Walterboro, South Carolina. Mack watched his grandmother's sheer determination and faith carry her through some tough times over the years, and has learned a lot from her. Her story of inner strength, faith and resolve is more than just a good business story; it is the journey of an amazing woman.
In 1954 Mack Infinger borrowed $100 and opened a watch repair store in Walterboro, SC. He completed his education at a watch repair school in North Carolina and, for ten years, worked hard to build his business and earn a living for his wife, Helen, and their two daughters.

Angels in the Alamo

Alamo Gold and Silver honors fallen officers

Every once in a while I come across someone in the industry who moves me; someone who's found a way to use their business to impact those in need. It intrigues, amazes and inspires me. It is what I long to do.

B&D Diamonds ‘clears up’ misconceptions about clarity enhanced diamonds

B & D Diamonds, a new company with years of experience, is giving the independent retailer more options when selling diamonds. Specializing in clarity enhanced diamonds; the company boasts strong numbers and plenty of satisfied customers.

Established only two years ago, Boaz Oved and Dora Leviton combined their more than 20 years worth of clarity enhanced diamond experience to open B & D Diamonds. Based in Texas, the entrepreneurial pair decided it was time to lead their own company and vowed to make it as customer-friendly as possible. “We intentionally chose Texas as our company headquarters because we knew the overhead would be much less than it would be if we worked out of, lets say, the Diamond District of New York,” states Boaz.

From Big Apple to Peanut Capital, Ed Lafontaine comes full circle

Something special happens when an ‘infamous’ industry insider combines his talent and experience with a long-standing, highly regarded independent southern retailer. The result is nothing less than award-winning magic.

Such is the case with Ed Lafontaine and Ted’s Jewelers. The winning combination started almost one year ago and the partnership proves everyday just how successful the right business coupled with effective leadership can be.

Ellis Jewelers, small-town retailer leaving a big mark

ellis-octDeep southern roots have produced 55 years of business and three generations of jewelers for a local North Carolina family. The Levinson family, known throughout Concord for their active community involvement and their honest approach to jewelry, established their store on the same morals, values and intimacy that characterized their family. Ellis Levinson opened the doors to Ellis Jewelers in its current downtown location in July of 1953. Ever since the retail jeweler has been a mainstay in small town life.