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The allure of “The Magic Bullet”

How many of you have had this thought: “Some day my jewelry store will be humming with biz and when I get there, I can lay back and just watch the profit roll in. All I’ve got to do is find the magic bullet to get me there!”

Yes, I’m guilty of thinking this thought more than once, and its something I often hear from other jewelers. So many of us think that “when we get there” we can lay back, take it easy and not have to push so hard.  Well friends, I don’t have a magic bullet to give you, but perhaps I can share a few things that will make your biz more fun and more profitable!

Over the years I’ve found that life in my store became easier for me when I gave my marketing a Systemized Approach. In other words, I’ve found a process that brings a steady stream of customers in my store on a reliable basis simply by following a regular pattern. Rather than trying for a “one shot hits all” approach (there is no such thing), I’m constantly hitting different segments of my customer base all of the time.

One thing that accounts for many sales in my store is every Monday morning I come in thirty minutes early, and using my EDGE POS system, I send everyone who made a purchase the week before a “Thank You” postcard which has a gift certificate for $25 or more on one side.  Its amazing how many folks bring these cards back in and redeem the gift certificate within a month or so. I’ll bet you could do something like this!

On the 10th day of each month, I again come in a few minutes early and using the same POS system, I determine who my clients are that have an Anniversary or Birthday in the following month.  I then send these folks a “Happy Birthday” or “Anniversary” postcard with a gift certificate in whatever amount I choose (often anywhere from $50 to $100). 

Both of the methods outlined above regularly bring our store 25-30 clients who make substantial purchases each month. It costs very little to do this, yet it brings in what I call “Easy Money” because this is something easy that all jewelers should be doing, but very few do!

Another thing that I have found to be a business builder is the use of Facebook. Almost every morning I post a special, birthstone info, announcement of new lines or humor to our Fan Page. Although I don’t think I could live on what I bring in from it, it does add $4000 - $5000 in sales to our bottom line each month. Not too bad for something that is basically FREE!

And, oh yes, lets not forget e-mail - the first social media!  Typically every Wednesday or Thursday I send a newsletter with quality content for my clients including sales/event announcements, specials, etc. to our e-mail list of nearly 4000.  You do have an e-mail list, don’t you?

In collaboration with another SJN/MAJN columnist and friend Brad Simon, I’ve entered the world of Text Marketing, which has already produced some eyebrow raising results. The best thing I like about this form of marketing is that it hits your client right away on their smartphone!

So as you see, there isn’t just “One Magic Bullet,” but a combo of many methods. My clients often comment that they constantly hear about our store and see us everywhere - which is just what I want! And the best thing is it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to do this!!

Yes, I do still use billboards to our advantage at times, and I do use a bit of local radio to supplement my other methods as well. However, the best things I’ve found to work in bringing clients in my door is to reach them directly and multiple times!

By way of news, I am giving a seminar at the upcoming Atlanta Jewelry Show on Saturday, August 9th from 2 until 3:15 on “How To Have A Huge Black Friday Event.”  If you have ever wondered how you can get the BIG crowds in your store on Black Friday, then you don’t want to miss this seminar!  I’ll show you how we consistently bring 300-500 people in our doors the first 2 hours we’re open. I hope to see you there.

Bill Warren, DDJM (The Doctor of Dynamic Jewelry Marketing) owns a successful jewelry store in the western NC mountain town of Hudson. Bill speaks to many jewelers organizations/associations on the subject of jewelry store marketing. He also consults one on one with jewelry store owners helping them improve their business. If you’d like to reach Bill call 828-729-1020 or e-mail  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Visit his blog at www.warrenmarketing.blogspot.com.