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1 The Best Policy: Vaulting mistakes - Building a vault the “Wright” way Aug 2014 Bob Carroll, CIC
2 The Best Policy: The Burglary Next Door and the wisdom of safe placement Jan 2014 Bob Carroll, CIC
3 The Best Policy: The Tiger Waits - Focus on the recent increase in jeweler-at-home attacks Oct 2013 Bob Carroll, CIC
4 The Best Policy: How good is your alarm system? Dec 2012 Bob Carroll, CIC
5 The Best Policy: Setting Limits - Two jewelers, two losses... two insurance policies Aug 2012 Bob Carroll, CIC
6 The Best Policy: A tale of two casings Apr 2012 Bob Carroll, CIC
7 The Best Policy: Two characters that make a difference Jan 2012 Bob Carroll, CIC
8 The Best Policy: Alarm system check-up Mar 2011 Bob Carroll, CIC
9 The Best Policy: Why is my alarm system being changed? Jan 2011 Bob Carroll, CIC
10 The Best Policy: Insuring Trunk Shows Dec 2010 Bob Carroll, CIC
11 The Best Policy: Leaving the bag in the car Aug 2010 Bob Carroll, CIC
12 The Best Policy Is your line security still secure? Jul 2010 Bob Carroll, CIC
13 The Best Policy: When “I’m sorry!” isn’t enough - Liability insurance basics Apr 2010 Bob Carroll, CIC
14 The Best Policy Lovers of the night Mar 2010 Bob Carroll, CIC
15 The Best Policy: “Proving” a loss Feb 2010 Bob Carroll, CIC
16 The Best Policy: The allure of gold Dec 2009 Bob Carroll, CIC
17 The Best Policy: Insurance pitfalls Nov 2009 Bob Carroll, CIC
18 The Best Policy: The watch shop burglary Oct 2009 Bob Carroll, CIC
19 “Shopping” insurance: When should you do it? What should you look for? Is the price the only thing to consider? Jul 2009 Bob Carroll, CIC
20 The Best Policy On safes and vaults: What is a “relocking device?” Jun 2009 Bob Carroll, CIC
21 The Best Policy Would your business survive? May 2009 Bob Carroll, CIC
22 Safes and Vaults: Some facts and myths Apr 2009 Bob Carroll, CIC
23 The Best Policy: Your alarm company just called. What should you do? Feb 2009 Bob Carroll, CIC
24 The Best Policy: Carpe Gem! Grab and run there a way to prevent it? Jan 2009 Bob Carroll, CIC
25 EPLI - the insurance you don’t need? Nov 2008 Bob Carroll, CIC
26 Setting Limits Sep 2008 Bob Carroll, CIC

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