Last updateThu, 22 Feb 2018 4pm

Brad Huisken

Over and above advertising and marketing

The jewelry retailer of today can no longer afford to spend money on advertising and marketing and sit back and hope that the advertising works. To build an ivory palace and wait for customers to come into the store could spell disaster. Salespeople in a successful jewelry operation have to take some responsibility and do their part to help drive traffic into the store. It is no secret that prospecting is the toughest part of your career in sales. Prospecting takes the most drive, effort, determination, and self-discipline. Yet, prospecting is the activity that will give you the greatest number of potential customers. You certainly can’t sell anyone if you don’t talk to anyone.

The customer has to TRUST YOU!

Last month we talked about selling yourself and the company. This month I want to go a little deeper into getting your customer to trust you. As I mentioned last time, in today’s retail environment it is all about the story you tell that creates the excitement in the customer’s mind that will cause them to buy from you. Every company has a story that is unique to only that company. Usually the advertising does a great job of telling the story – The question is, do the salespeople convey the same message that is displayed in the advertising?

Happy New Year!

The New Year is here and with each New Year comes new opportunities for salespeople and sales managers. The past year, good or bad, is gone. If you had a good 2011, then you look to build on your success and make 2012 even better. If 2011 was not one of your better years, then it’s time to put that behind you and move on to better things in 2012.

You can always sell right!

Owners, managers and salespeople spend a great deal of time trying to devise ways to attract new customers into their stores.  They come up with special sales and promotions that, for the most part, are targeted at attracting new customers.  A successful business must establish a customer base that will lead to repeat business and referrals.  Repeat business is the lifeline of all professional salespeople.

Top 10 ways a salesperson can increase sales

This month I thought I would detail my top ten ways that a salesperson can increase their personal sales.  There are three basic concepts to increasing sales from the standpoint of a salesperson. 1) To get more people to come into the store; 2) To sell more of the people that are already coming into the store – increasing your closing ratio; 3) To sell more to the people that you are already selling. Each of these top ten ways to increase sales is geared toward these three concepts.

The Top Seven Closing Techniques

After reading hundreds of books pertaining to sales and closing techniques, I have been able to take the one hundred or one thousand closing techniques and reduce them down to seven simple closing techniques that I feel are appropriate for Jewelry Salespeople.