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Brian Barfield

Modern Day Selling: Seeing the big picture: Transferring life experiences to the sales floor

Today I would like to offer you some valuable insight that will open up many new avenues to success for you. It is the skill of taking life experiences and transferring them over to the sales floor. Many of you who have ready my articles over the past three years know that I like to use stories from real life and translate them over to the sales floor to help you see the big picture. It is this unique skill that I have cultivated that has birthed many of the new concepts in sales training like overcoming fear, maintaining your passion and energy and connecting with the customer. Today I would like to offer you a deeper look into this skill so you can see your sales career and life in more clarity.

Modern Day Selling: My favorite one-liners that connect me with the customer

Today I want to share some valuable insight into some of the best one-liners I use to help me connect with my customers. There are a handful of one-liners that I often use that are designed to offer the customer something different by relaxing the customer and establishing trust. It all goes back to my philosophy in Modern Day Selling on creating a show-time experience while selling your customer. Always remember that the modern day customer is tired of the same old greeting and sales tactics that they have seen for years. Today I offer you something new and different to give your customer a unique shopping experience.

Modern Day Selling: Secrets to building a large & loyal customer base

Create a new focus and standard on returns/exchanges

I am writing this article on December 26th, the day after Christmas. Although our store is closed today, I know that tomorrow it will be filled with many returns and exchanges and I am not the least bit concerned.

Many sales associates dread “The Day After” and are often anxious and not looking forward to what is to come. How many sales will I lose? Will I be able to change people’s minds? How can I minimize my loses and keep the damage low? These are many of the thoughts of the standard sales associate headed into the few weeks after Christmas. It is often the least favorite time of year for many sales associates.

Modern Day Selling: Secrets to building a large & loyal customer base

Take advantage of every opportunity (large and small)

Today I am excited to start a new series on the proper way to build a large customer base that will be loyal and dedicated to you. Through this series I will share the secrets to my success that have made my selling career fun, easy and effective. Many of you who have followed my articles over the years already know the main ingredients to Modern Day Selling - like serving while selling, selling with passion and energy, creating a show-time experience and impacting the customers life in a meaningful way. However, there is much more to be discovered to see the bigger picture of true success that lasts.

Modern Day Selling: The Seven Simple Truths Truth #7: People’s perception is often based on their reality

As we close out this seven part series on “The Seven Simple Truths,” I would like to share some insight that has greatly benefited me in my retail sales career. It is the understanding that people’s perception is often their reality. How you handle it as a sales professional will define your relationship with that customer for life.

Modern Day Selling: The Seven Simple Truths - Truth #5: How to find success while facing adversity

Have you ever had the weight of the world on your shoulders and found yourself wondering how you will make it through the day at work? At that very moment life is throwing you unexpected challenges and they all seem to be coming at you at the same time. It is in these moments that many sales associates break under the pressure and find themselves sliding down a slippery slope in their performance. Whatever it may be that is impacting that sales associate has found its way onto the sales floor and has consumed that individual to the core.

Modern Day Selling

The Seven Simple Truths
Truth #4:
Connecting with customers is the new way to success

 For many years the training industry in retail has mainly focused on sales techniques and tactics as a way to produce numbers and create business. There have been many great lessons on how to sell your customer and maximize the sale’s full potential. If you have been in the industry for a while, I am sure you have heard the same training lessons over and over, which are spun many different ways. For a season it was very productive and produced very good results. However, somewhere along the way it has lost it’s effectiveness and here we are today.

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