Last updateWed, 14 Mar 2018 3pm

Brian Barfield

Finding Lasting Success with Truth

Many years ago our forefathers laid a path to find a lasting success. It was built on the core principles of trust, honesty and integrity. This business practice created a unique bond of trust between sales associates and customers. In those days there were no sales tactics needed to manipulate or deceive customers into purchasing. Times were simple and happy. It was kind of like Mayberry on “The Andy Griffith Show.”

Swimming with the sharks: selling a Demanding Customer

Last month I shared with you three ways to successfully sell a guarded customer. This month we turn our attention to selling the demanding customer.

Of all the four customer types, the demanding customer is often the most feared to sell. If you do not have the proper skills or understanding, these customers have the potential to make a sale very difficult.

Lifting the veil: selling a Guarded Customer

Last month I shared with you the four basic customer types - Simple Minded, Demanding, Analytical and Guarded. Every customer that you meet will fall into one of these four categories. Understanding who these customer types are will allow you to meet their needs and give them the ultimate experience they desire. Once you are able to do this, a bond of trust is built that allows these customers to become the foundation of your most loyal customer base. This will eventually lead you to a lasting success.