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Diana Jarrett

The Story Behind the Stone: Art of the Auction

Jarrett sapphireJewelry at auction is always more than just the selling of beautiful baubles. Often the pieces are original one-offs crafted by skilled artisans of a bygone era. The gemstones can be rare, sizable and almost unheard of today. And loyal auction devotees know a thing or two about the exquisite world of jewelry sales too. Where else can one get up close and personal with such a jaw-dropping array of important jewels made by designers of every era? High jewelry at auction often carries an intriguing provenance which adds to its charisma and value.

The Story Behind the Stone: Color Fever

Jarrett Gem CenterColored gemstones - especially the pricey coveted ones - are sourced from exotic locales in foreign countries with odd sounding names to most Westerners. It’s all about the geology - simple as that. Those of us in the trade understand that stones have come from Bangkok, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and other remote destinations.

Rumblings inside De Beers

De Beers officeChanging Partners

New leadership at the helm of De Beers Group has recently made the news in the diamond sector. Philippe Mellier steps down effective July 1, 2016 after a 5-year stint in the CEO post. In his place, Bruce Cleaver, Group director of strategy for Anglo American will step in to that position. Mellier who has directed the company through some murky waters in recent years said, “Having steered (De Beers Group) through some of the diamond industry’s toughest time and with the market showing signs of recovery, now is the right time for me to pass the baton to the next generation.”

Yellow Fever

Jarrett radiantToday, most consumers understand that diamonds may come in colors besides the ‘white’ or colorless variety. They may not know how they get color, or if they are treated to become colorful. Still they are acquiring a taste for these sparklers.

The Story Behind the Stone: All the subtleties of time

Recently, the Washington Post published a report about a shift in paradigm with ultra-luxe consumers who at one time only sported highly visible status-conscious labels. Now, they are regarded as “a little trashy” shoppers were quoted as saying. Instead, the story goes, consumers eschew logo-stamped products plastered with names like Van Cleef & Arpels, Prada, Gucci or Luis Vuitton.

The Story Behind the Stone - Savoring Tsavorite

Jarrett Tsavorite stonesSavoring Tsavorite

There aren’t many ‘newly discovered’ gemstones. Most gems have been around for centuries if not thousands of years. But the earth has not given up all its treasures. Every so often, someone stumbles upon a new stone that upsets the whole idea of what are precious stones.

The Storied Hope: Connecting the dots of one of the most colorful diamonds in history

Jarrett HopeWithout doubt, one singular standout display at Washington DC’s Smithsonian Museum is the legendary Hope Diamond. Thousands of visitors flock to the Harry Winston Gallery there each year to catch a glimpse of this hypnotic blue stone.

Recognized around the globe, this 45.52 carat VS1, natural fancy deep grayish-blue cushion jewel is a rarity for more reasons than its entrancing deep blue hue. Its home since 1958 has been our nation’s great museum; fortunate for the millions who’ve traveled far to see it. But it hasn’t always enjoyed such a quiet life of retirement.