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Diana Jarrett

The Story Behind the Stone: Black & Right

Seasoned diamond collectors have long known what the majority of consumers are beginning to realize. Diamonds come in colors. Of course colorless or ‘white’ diamonds are composed of carbon. Natural color diamonds occur when trace elements are introduced in their formative stage.

One of the more upscale ‘color’ diamond choices today is black, which technically is not really a color, is it? Microscopic elements within the crystal lend a deep lustrous black tone to the stone. Scientists tell us that black diamonds are likely the oldest diamonds in existence. They are thought to result from a meteoric impact on earth some 3 billion years ago. But it’s their glamorous mystique that draws jewelry lovers to the black beauties.

The Story Behind the Stone: Bodacious Bulgari

Rome’s celebrated house of Bulgari has been the go-to jeweler with jet-setting shoppers for decades. From its inception, Bulgari jewels flaunted distinctive traits that helped endear the brand to serious collectors. Their use of cabochon-cut gemstones particularly with precious stones was considered iconoclastic when they debuted in the 1960s. Bulgari’s bold pairings of disparate stone types and analogous colors, like a bib neckpiece they created with turquoise, emerald, and amethyst, stunned traditional jewelry fans. These daring design moves also helped high-end jewelry collectors rethink their collection by wearing important jewels every day, not just on special occasions.

The Story Behind the Stone: Hunting for Padparadscha

Ever wonder what gemstone dealers chat about in private? We caught up with Niveet Nagpal, president of OMI Privé recently who scours the globe in search of the best in precious gemstones. We focused on a luscious pinkish-orange sapphire from exotic locales like Sri Lanka and Madagascar and whose name, Padparadscha means lotus blossom in Sinhalese. Listen in.

The Story Behind the Stone: Hi-Yo Silver!

Women are doing more than adorning themselves with jewelry these days; they make choices that hint to their jewelry-savvy. Lately, their alluring baubles can tell much about the women flaunting them. For instance, prominent ear pendants are worn by fashionistas of all ages now. Casual or couture, these once thought daring ear bobs are the perfect choice to complete a day to evening look.