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Diana Jarrett

The Story Behind the Stone: Ruby Talk

Rubies have been, throughout the centuries, one of the most coveted colored gemstones. Their rich eye-catching hues are the stuff that makes royal accessories look regal. They are more rare than diamonds, and their recovery from remote deposits is often more treacherous than the harvest of other precious gemstones.

The Story Behind the Stone: Bewitching Sapphires

Black is back, in gemstones that is. One could argue that it never faded from public demand. But there are few pricey black stones that can truly be fit for couture jewelry. Black diamonds are one such gem. Many of these ebony beauties rely on irradiation to even out the distribution of inky black tone across the entire stone. Large black diamonds often suffer from surface reaching fractures which could compromise the stone’s integrity.

The Story Behind the Stone: Untamed Cuts

Many jewelers have begun to get creative to keep shoppers of all price points engaged and buying their products during the Great Recession.

One top pick with both designers and consumers is exotic gemstones. They are available in every price range, so there is something to lure any jewelry lover who may have dropped out of collecting during the downturn economy.

The Story Behind the Stone:The Glory of Golconda

The word Golconda often conjures up diamonds of the highest quality. Reasoning behind it is that verified Golconda is likely to be D color and near flawless. That’s a pretty good sales pitch right there. But Golconda is a site in India, home of the world’s oldest diamond mines.

The Story Behind the Stone: The Star of BombayThe Story Behind the Stone: The Star of Bombay

Sapphire in The Spotlight

Recent news of the Royal Wedding of Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton has renewed public ardor for sapphires. Their cobalt tint has kept them in Most-Favored status with royalty for centuries. Collectors might say that the most coveted sapphires are those from Kashmir, owing to their intense blue and nearly velvet-like appearance. But Madagascar, Sri-Lanka and India are amongst the other global sites that produce valuable sapphire for collectors of the world to enjoy.

The Story Behind the Stone: Radiating Sunstone

Sunstone, the plagioclase feldspar mineral has attractive inclusions like hematite that lend a sparkly effect to the cut gemstones. These attractive hematite or even goethite crystals make each sunstone gem distinct from every other stone, and create reflections that appear to make the stone shimmer. Most gemstone lovers are familiar with the red orange variety, but the stone also comes in shades of green.