Last updateFri, 22 Sep 2017 12pm

Diana Jarrett

The Story Behind the Stone:Out of the Blue Zircon

You don’t need to know the complex details of zircon, like the fact that this mineral belongs to a group called nesosilicates. You also don’t have to track its rich and ancient history. But Arabic, Persian and other far eastern cultures claim their language as the root for the modern word, zircon. It’s that old.

The Story Behind the Stone: Ruby Talk

Rubies have been, throughout the centuries, one of the most coveted colored gemstones. Their rich eye-catching hues are the stuff that makes royal accessories look regal. They are more rare than diamonds, and their recovery from remote deposits is often more treacherous than the harvest of other precious gemstones.

The Story Behind the Stone: Bewitching Sapphires

Black is back, in gemstones that is. One could argue that it never faded from public demand. But there are few pricey black stones that can truly be fit for couture jewelry. Black diamonds are one such gem. Many of these ebony beauties rely on irradiation to even out the distribution of inky black tone across the entire stone. Large black diamonds often suffer from surface reaching fractures which could compromise the stone’s integrity.

The Story Behind the Stone: Untamed Cuts

Many jewelers have begun to get creative to keep shoppers of all price points engaged and buying their products during the Great Recession.

One top pick with both designers and consumers is exotic gemstones. They are available in every price range, so there is something to lure any jewelry lover who may have dropped out of collecting during the downturn economy.