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Diana Jarrett

The Story Behind the Stone: Plumbing the depths of pearls

Are there not... two points in the adventure of the diver: One - when a beggar, he prepares to plunge? Two - when a prince, he rises with his pearl? I plunge! - Robert Browning

Long ago in another time all pearl jewelry was natural. And by natural we mean, the organic jewel of a lowly bi-valve developed spontaneously inside a mollusk hiding in the dark, murky ocean. Pearl jewelry pre-dating the 20th century in its original state - without tampering - is the genuine deal.

The Story Behind the Stone: Rings and things

Love stories are often as colorful as the lives of the couples who live them. Why then can’t the engagement rings be more in line with their unique story? While diamonds still account for the lion’s share of all bridal jewelry, there actually is more than one way to tell a love story through rings. Thinking white equals bridal in both rings and gowns? Not so fast. Colorful engagement and wedding bands are fast gaining market share both here and abroad.

The Story Behind the Stone Sometimes beauty is only skin deep

All naturally colored diamonds are rare. In an ideal scenario, diamonds are formed from a single element, that being pure carbon - rendering them exquisitely colorless. Their tint can come from a variety of trace elements that intrude into the molecular structure of the mineral. But color can also result from mechanisms not fully understood. How are color-change diamonds created exactly - or pink, for that matter? The jury is still out on that mysterious transpiration.

The Story Behind the Stone: Inside the Appraisers Lab

Everyone loves to daydream over beautiful jewelry store displays, catching a glimpse of baubles they’d otherwise never see - or even dream of owning. However for top notch jewelry appraisers, viewing beautiful jewels is the norm rather than the exception.

Charles Carmona of Los Angeles is one of a handful of distinguished jewelry appraisers who has pretty much seen it all in his nearly 30 year career. Ever wonder what comes across the desk of such an expert? And having seen so many magnificent creations, does he still favor certain gemstones?