Last updateThu, 22 Feb 2018 4pm

Howard Kelrick

24 Karat Corner: Diamonds regain their sparkle while gold tarnishes

Is it just me, or have you noticed that diamond prices have really started to climb this year? And, surprisingly, gold prices have moved in the opposite direction! Unless you are in the jewelry business (or thought about buying a diamond last year and put it off until now) this really isn’t of much interest to you. But I was in New York City last weekend having lunch with some friends in the industry at a diner off 47th street, and that was about all we could talk about. I tried to point out the exorbitantly high price of a corned beef sandwich, but this being New York City, nobody else seemed to notice.

24 Karat Corner: Getting rough with the customers

Frankie is one of the most resourceful jewelers I’ve ever met. Her showcases are filled with unique items and things I never see anywhere else. No diamond stud earrings or straight row diamond bracelets in her displays, only one of a kind items that make her, and her store, special.  The last time I was in her place, she proudly showed me a platinum diamond and meteorite necklace.

24 Karat Corner: Publish or perish?

Joe is a third generation retail jewelry store owner.  His son Mark runs the shop, his wife the books.  After school, or during the weekends and summer, there is always a niece or nephew behind the counter.  This is a family that has it figured out and its consistent formula has paid off for decades.

24 Karat Corner: Been to a Radio Shack lately?

More than likely, probably not.  Years ago, I was a regular Radio Shack customer.  It seemed there was a store in just about every town.  You could count on them for that hard to find battery, a connector for your stereo, or any other electronic gizmo you could need. I’m sure that over the years, my alarm clock, calculator, answering machine, CD player, and probably plenty of other electronics I’ve long forgotten about, all came from The Shack.  Now, I get all of these functions, and more, on my I-phone.

24 Karat Corner: Read this column - Lose 10 pounds a month!

Outrageous false claim? Blatant lie? Of course!  But, if you’ve spent any time at all behind a jewelry counter, it’s probably not the most ridiculous thing you’ve heard recently.

I was waiting to take my friend Rob out for lunch to celebrate his new boat (it seems some jewelers are still continuing to do very well) and to wrangle an invitation for a ride over the week-end. As I waited, I leaned in to listen to his sales manager Chloe deal with a customer.

24 Karat Corner: We have a winner!

If your place of work is anything like mine, right now somebody is organizing the Super Bowl pool.  And, again, if your place is like mine, all the guys who can explain how the tight end should be used to beat the Cover 2 defense are confidently putting in their money, fully expecting to collect their winnings on Monday morning.  It seems, however, the winner is always the one person in the office who doesn’t follow football at all and just throws in their entry to be “one of the boys.”  I’ll bet its the same thing in your office too!

24 Karat Corner: An off the rack world

Last night, after a vigorous twenty minutes of racket ball, the boys and I went out to dinner.  After ordering, the conversation turned to the normal topics, and my friend Mel wondered aloud why he still couldn’t meet a suitable girl.

By suitable girl, he meant, of course, the perfect girl.  So, while its nice to dream about finding that one girl who scores a perfect ten in all the important categories, the fact is, we are living and searching in an off the rack world, and customization just isn’t an option.