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Mia Katrin

Designs that Sell! What’s hot. What’s not.

Have you ever wondered why some jewelry generates tremendous buzz while other pieces just sit in the case? What makes best sellers pop? A key element is design. Of course color, materials, quality and workmanship are important. But often what first grabs your customers’ attention is design. What are the features of winning design? How can you pick the winners and avoid the losers?

Designer Drama

Walk into any top jewelry store and you’ll meet designers. Not necessarily in person, but their presence is everywhere. From David Yurman and John Hardy to Pandora and bridal, designers rule. Top stores have multiple individual display areas featuring each designer, promote them on their websites and host Trunk Shows touting personal appearances. What makes designer jewelry hot and how can you cash in on this continuing lucrative draw?

Smart Pearls - Pearls of Wisdom

Chi Galatea Huynh, 21st century Renaissance man

Jewelry is becoming smart and Galatea’s designer Chi Huynh is pioneering the path forward. From Apple’s soon to debut computer wristwatch to fitness tracker bracelets and pendants, jewelry is becoming intelligent and interactive. Galatea’s new Momento collection (www.galateausa.com) uses patent-pending NFC technology, embedding a tiny chip within a Tahitian pearl, which can store voice messages and even video clips. Tapping the pearl to your smartphone activates the chip bringing your memories alive. The possibilities are endless.

Designer Trend Alert! Hottest new 2015 styles

An inside scoop on what leading designers see trending now for 2015 - the top trends, styles, colors and a sneak peek at what they’re launching for this year. Take a tip from those who have their fingers on the pulse of the industry. Here’s what you’ll be seeing at shows and on the runways - and what you’ll be wanting for your store!

The Joy of Jewels - Gems and jewelry as investments

Investing wisely in gems and jewelry opens the possibility for long-term preservation of capital while simultaneously reaping the fruits of that wealth - the beauty of society’s finest riches. For yourself and your clients understanding the investment value of jewels is key.

For tens of thousands of years precious jewels and metals have been the economic cornerstone of treasuries of kingdoms, governments and generational family wealth. Rare, portable, and internationally liquid, they are natural commodities. Their beauty makes them intrinsically desirable. According to Ron Ringsrud of Muzo International, “…investors simply recognize the obvious: an investment in beauty is a timeless investment.” (www.emeraldpassion.com)

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