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1 How conscious is your business? Mar 2014 Mia Katrin
2 Trunk Shows - Report from the trenches: 7 Steps to Success Feb 2014 Mia Katrin
3 What’s your New Year’s resolution? Jan 2014 Mia Katrin
4 Walk like an Egyptian Nov 2013 Mia Katrin
5 Living in the Zone Part II: Harnessing your peak performance Nov 2013 Mia Katrin
6 Beyond Happiness Oct 2013 Mia Katrin
7 Are you in the zone? Sep 2013 Mia Katrin
8 Health for Wealth - Promote your peak performance Jul 2013 Mia Katrin
9 Health for Wealth - Pursuing peak performance Jun 2013 Mia Katrin
10 Spring Fever May 2013 Mia Katrin
11 JTV’s Jay Boyle - Enjoying the Colorful Life May 2013 Mia Katrin
12 Good will hunting Feb 2013 Mia Katrin
13 The best time of the year Dec 2012 Mia Katrin
14 Mix it up with Fabulous Fall Fashion Oct 2012 Mia Katrin
15 Life in overdrive? Prioritize Oct 2012 Mia Katrin
16 A tweak away from success Sep 2012 Mia Katrin
17 Diamond Stars - The power of beauty Aug 2012 Mia Katrin
18 Breathe - Life in balance Jun 2012 Mia Katrin
19 Mad Men Magic Jun 2012 Mia Katrin
20 Selling the Sizzle May 2012 Mia Katrin
21 SJTA Atlanta Jewelry Show sizzles on the runway Apr 2012 Mia Katrin
22 Do you know your customers? Mar 2012 Mia Katrin
23 The Statement Necklace Feb 2012 Mia Katrin
24 Yes You Can! Dec 2011 Mia Katrin
25 It’s Golden “As good as gold.” “The Golden Age.” “The gold standard.” Oct 2011 Mia Katrin
26 Sizzling Summer Style Sep 2011 Mia Katrin
27 Tapping the Designer Trend Aug 2011 Mia Katrin
28 The Self-Purchasing Woman Jul 2011 Mia Katrin
29 A haven for the arts in the heart of Tennessee Jan 2011 Mia Katrin
30 Happy Holidays: Formulas for success in the emerging economy Dec 2010 Mia Katrin
31 SJTA Atlanta Jewelry Show Fashion Wrap Up Oct 2010 Mia Katrin
32 What’s Hot Now - The Designer’s Perspective Jul 2010 Mia Katrin
33 High end design in High Point, NC Jun 2010 Mia Katrin
34 Reach out and touch someone May 2010 Mia Katrin
35 After a long Winter, Spring! Mar 2010 Mia Katrin
36 What is it about Valentine’s Day? Feb 2010 Mia Katrin
37 The Madoff Plunder - Record auction sales benefit victims Jan 2010 Mia Katrin
38 To Bee or not to Bee? Dec 2009 Mia Katrin
39 To Bee or not to Bee? Dec 2009 Mia Katrin
40 A small town store with a big heart Nov 2009 Mia Katrin
41 What’s Hot Now! Finds from the SJTA Atlanta August Jewelry Show Oct 2009 Mia Katrin
42 The Primal Power of Jewelry Sep 2009 Mia Katrin
43 The Impact of Color! What’s Hot Now Aug 2009 Mia Katrin
44 Get the Designer Buzz! Jul 2009 Mia Katrin
45 Are you lucky? The Luck Factor Jun 2009 Mia Katrin
46 The Good News May 2009 Mia Katrin
47 The Road Ahead - Change & Hope Apr 2009 Mia Katrin
48 The Pink Panther Heist Mar 2009 Mia Katrin
49 Jeweler’s Profile Part II: Passion and Poetry Feb 2009 Mia Katrin
50 Jeweler’s Profile Jan 2009 Mia Katrin
51 It’s the economy: The “R” word. Leveraging your options. Dec 2008 Mia Katrin
52 The Affair of the Necklace - Romance. Scandal. Intrigue. Nov 2008 Mia Katrin
53 The lore and lure of gems Sep 2008 Mia Katrin

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