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Mia Katrin

The Magic of Crevoshay

Mia PaulaPaula Crevoshay is a modern day magician. Like a wizard of ancient lore flourishing her wand, she transforms the natural world of magnificent flowers and creatures into their celestial counterparts fabricated of sparkling gems and precious metals. The “Queen of Color” paints with light, the full spectrum of light embodied in rare gems of every hue of the rainbow. From exotic toucans to golden-tail sapphire hummingbirds and delicate orchids, her magnificent objets d’art appear in museums world-wide, from the Smithsonian to the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh and the Musée de Minéralogie in Paris. Over four decades she has garnered an elite echelon of avid international collectors, from private clients to top-tier institutions including GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and Yale Peabody Museum.

What’s happening with retail?

The stock market’s hitting record highs. Unemployment’s around 4%, the lowest in years. The economic growth rate hit 3% for the last couple quarters. Black Friday and Cyber Monday smashed all-time records, raking in $7 billion on Monday alone.

Retailers, looking for inspiration to save yourself?

Mia RotenbergAs more and more retailers shutter their doors in today’s competitive environment, is the future all doom and gloom? How can we compete with the exploding power of internet sales eating up increasing market share? I recently sat down with good friend David Craig Rotenberg of David Craig Jewelers in prestigious Bucks County, PA who offered a fresh take on today’s market from his unique perspective.

When Stars Collide

First observed neutron star collision reveals origin of gold and platinum in universe


On August 17 this year astronomers on every continent trained telescopes on a two minute episode that was nothing short of miraculous - the collision of two neutron stars in a “nearby” galaxy in the constellation Hydra, 130 million lights years away. These two remnants of former suns, each with a mass the size of our sun condensed into an area about 10-15 miles wide, were among the densest objects in the universe. Nearing the end of their life cycle of about 11 billion years, they were engaged in a cosmic death spiral, circling each other several times a second.

Scaling up for success

Nothing breeds success like success. It’s infectious. Customers, business associates and staff all sense a thriving atmosphere and are magnetically drawn to it, creating further opportunities for expansion. You attract top talent thru your success. Who doesn’t want to work at Google? Your A team will help project you to the next level.

The Luxury Privé experience - Retailers speak out

We recently from the lovely upscale Luxury Privé show hosted by JCK at New York’s Intercontinental Barclay Hotel. Surrounded by the buzz and glamour of Broadway, Times Square, the iconic Manhattan skyline and a babel of every possible language, you can see why New Yorkers feel they’re at the center of the universe.