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Five tips to rev up your style! A new year. A new you.

What jewelry works best for you? For the successful jeweler style savvy’s a must. They can guide their customers to pick the pieces to make them shine. Five tips to help put your best fashion foot forward:

1. The bling’s the thing

To enhance your style, add some sparkle! Nothing ups the wattage more than scintillating gems, especially framing the face or highlighting the hands. Be dazzling! Sparkling jewels add the dazzle.

Pearls offer a more subtle radiance. Classic beauties from Grace Kelly to Audrey Hepburn have favored the traditional elegance pearls project. Their luster enhances the natural radiance of the complexion.

TIP:Ask your clients whether they prefer diamonds or pearls. Observe what they’re wearing. Some gravitate more to diamonds, some to pearls. Some love both!

2. Boost your best features

Do your eyes mesmerize? Is your hair your crowning glory? Accentuate them with your jewelry. Button earrings on eye level draw attention to the eyes. Mirror your eyes’ natural color - blue or brown - with colored gemstones to enhance the impact. Long dangling earrings accentuate the beauty of a long graceful neck. Redheads shine with the contrast of emeralds or the surprise accent of rubies. Find your best features and flaunt them!

TIP:Compliment your client’s eye or hair color or hair style and suggest jewels to enhance their impact.

3. Color me beautiful

Color packs impact. Do warm or cool tones work best? Hold up a gold or silver necklace next to their face and see which is more flattering. Fair skin with blueish undertones often is best accentuated in cool silver tones including white gold and platinum. Deeper olive complexions radiate in the warmth of gold. Some can wear both.

Clients often know intuitively based on experience which colors work best for them. Ask them. “Winters” thrive on deep rich jewel tones. For others delicate pastels may be most flattering. Have them look in the mirror. With the right color palette the piece will pop!

TIP:Colorless diamonds work for everyone!

4. It’s all in proportion

Take a step back. Bold statement pieces complement a larger woman. Smaller subtle pieces reflect the delicate beauty of petites. A long thin necklace has a lengthening, slimming effect. Avoid chokers if you don’t wish to draw attention to the neck area. Too many stackable bangles overpower a petite frame. Long, graceful fingers may thrive on stackable rings.

TIP:Have your client look in a full length mirror from a distance to add perspective.

5. Rock your style

What’s your client’s style? Is it classic/business professional? Simple chains, small gold hoop earrings, a strand of pearls with ear studs or a gold bangle is always appropriate. Is she a natural? Choose natural gems, irregularly shaped pieces such as baroque pearls, one-of-a-kind artistic pieces featuring gems and natural materials such as leather. Retro glamour? Let all the stops out with dazzling estate pieces of diamonds, long dangling earrings and cocktail rings. Contemporary/modern? Go basic with simple, clean lines such as an omega chain or an angular pendant, ring or earrings.

TIP:Note your client’s style. What jewelry is she currently wearing? What about her handbag? Outfit? Hairstyle? These will provide cues to her style. Add jewelry that reflects her style to help make her shine!

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