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Mia Katrin

Walk like an Egyptian

Who isn’t fascinated by ancient Egypt? Thousands of years before the Roman empire, Middle Ages or modern Europe, before ancient Greece was in its infancy, this dazzling culture reigned, complete with dynastic pharaonic government, exquisite art and artifacts, advanced astronomy, literature and religion. The remnants are tantalizing. They give us a window on an extraordinary culture, enigmatic and enticing. What is the riddle of the Sphinx? Who were these fantastic creatures, part human and part animal? What was the purpose of the pyramids and how were they built?

Living in the Zone Part II: Harnessing your peak performance

The runner’s high. “Wired in.” Bringing your “A” game. Across sports, business, gaming, the arts, top players seek “the zone,” operating at peak capacity. It’s a phenomenon across cultures and throughout history. In this heightened state of intense focus yet relaxation, everything becomes effortless, intensely pleasurable, most effective. Time may seem to slow down.  We’re absorbed in the present, not thinking of results. The more we can perform at this level, the more successful we are. How can we optimize this capacity?

Beyond Happiness

Are you happy? The question is a touchstone for our culture. It’s our ultimate goal, the final measure by which we judge our lives. We seek happiness through personal relationships, family and work. It is parents’ often stated goal for their children: “We just want them to be happy.” It’s seen as more valuable that even wealth: “Money doesn’t buy happiness.”

Are you in the zone?

Elite athletes often describe clicking into a zone - such as a runner’s high - where they’re operating at peak performance. In this heightened state of intense focus yet relaxation their awareness is completely absorbed in the present moment. Everything is effortless as if they’re on autopilot. Time may seem to slow down. It’s intensely blissful to the point of being addictive. Surfers travel the world seeking the “perfect wave,” actually a peak experience of total synchronicity between inner and outer. Riding the wave is a zone experience. Mountain climbers push themselves to the limits of physical and mental endurance, seeking literally a peak experience of exhilaration, almost intoxication. They risk their life to be on top of the world.

Health for Wealth - Promote your peak performance

Living in the zone. Operating at peak performance. When we’re healthy we’re like a finely tuned engine, turbo-charged.  Running at peak performance is a no-brainer. Not only are you enjoying vibrant vitality but you’re increasing your capacity for wealth. Health is the basis for wealth because the qualities of radiant health - energy, efficiency, clarity - are just the traits needed for maximum productivity. Some concrete tips to “up” your level of efficiency and success:

Health for Wealth - Pursuing peak performance

“Health is our greatest wealth.” Or so the saying goes.  But can good health actually lead to more wealth? What is peak health? Is it just the absence of disease or something more?

When we’re young, the world’s our oyster. Life’s possibilities are limitless. The young think they’re immortal, that they’ll never get sick. As our capacities diminish with age our vision narrows. Life’s possibilities start to shrink. Boundaries become more rigid. But how much of this is due to the passage of time and how much is due to our choices in lifestyle, our habits?

Spring Fever

Time for a change? After a long winter it’s a great time for spring cleaning. Hit the refresh button. Take an updated look at yourself and your business. What’s working, what isn’t?  What untapped opportunities are waiting to be explored?

• Hone in on habits

Habits are just decisions solidified. Every day we make dozens of decisions, big and small. How much time should I spend at work? What hours should the store be open? Which inventory do I promote/retire? Should I hire new staff? What role do I play - managerial or more hands-on?

Over time we’re lulled into habitual patterns of behavior because we rely on our previous decisions. We target a certain clientele, forge a familiar niche market, feature familiar vendors. Habits are necessary. We can’t re-make a multitude of decisions anew daily. But over time habits become outmoded, stale, even counter-productive.

Do you use the same print ads in the same newspaper you have for years? Or do you effectively target a younger clientele who lives in a smart phone rather than print world? When’s the last time you changed your store’s displays, décor? Updated the play list for your background music? Many decisions contribute to an overall effect. Take a fresh look. Make adjustments. Subtle shifts may lead to surprising results.

• Here’s to your health

“To your health” is a universal toast. It’s been said that health is the greatest wealth. How’s yours? Health is not just the absence of disease. It’s overall well being,  physical and mental. It affects our energy level, effectiveness, even happiness. Not feeling well or thinking clearly affects your success. 

Get back to basics - ample rest, fresh air, exercise, nutritious food, plenty of water. Examine unproductive habits and replace them with healthier choices. Try taking a brisk walk at lunchtime. Spend less time aimlessly surfing the web.

Do you stay up late working on projects with diminishing results? Identify unproductive habits and address them.  Do you tend to procrastinate? Pick one item a day that’s been long-standing on your “to do” list and take care of it. Make that phone call. Organize that file. Breaking down larger projects into smaller ones makes them more manageable. The great feeling you get when you finally clear off your desk is worth it!

• Reinvent yourself

Here’s to the new you! Now that you’ve cleared the air it’s time to explore your hidden potential. What fresh opportunities are awaiting? Test the waters. If you’ve done primarily bridal, custom and repair work, branch out. Seek new markets. Invite a new vendor for a Trunk Show. Feature new designers. Test alternative niches, such as art or fashion jewelry. Host a party. Have fun!               

Update your website with new pictures of fabulous jewelry or YouTube videos. Revisit your contact lists of friends and business associates to explore new ways of collaborating with them. Try a social fundraising event to raise your community profile. Meet new people. Don’t define yourself by what you’ve done up till now. How about giving a talk or lecture to a community organization? Doing a radio or TV interview? The sky’s the limit.

• Accentuate the positive

While cleaning shop and decluttering your life, target toxic influences to eliminate. If a relationship is draining your energy and resources, take steps to change it or diminish its effect. Surround yourself with supportive friends and positive, nourishing influences.

Our life’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. We are what we think. We become what we can imagine.. It’s been said that in life when one door closes, another opens. Actually there are a multitude of doors all around us just waiting to be opened. The world’s your oyster. Your pearls are just waiting to be discovered.

Mia Katrin is an award-winning couture jewelry designer specializing in beautiful necklaces of gems in gold and silver. Featured in over 50 top stores nationally, her Collections have been worn by A-List Hollywood celebrities. Mia exhibits at trade shows and produces and hosts live fashion shows. A trend-setting style spokesperson, she is available for lectures and seminars. www.jeweljewel.com, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 877-JEWEL-MY (539-3569). She likes to be Liked on Facebook – search Mia Katrin for JEWEL COUTURE LLC.