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Sites to See

We all create websites for some pretty obvious reasons. We want our audience, whether it's a B2B venture or the general public to know we exist. Next, we want our site visitor to know what we sell and why they should chose us over the competition. That's pretty straightforward. And yet thousands of jewelry trade websites miss the mark, and owners are left bewildered as to why no one ever responds to their offerings.

Heating up

Konrad diffusion MayFrom Pliny to the Egyptians, historical mentions of treating color gemstones to improve their color is prevalent throughout history. As technology advanced, more precise techniques in treatments became available.

I’ll take two!

Konrad agateIn a world of similarities, people are always trying to stand out. From the clothes we wear, the cars we buy, to the daily digital gadgets we use, achieving originality while being trendy is difficult.

Can you take a picture?

Konrad DinoIt’s just before closing, a customer comes in search of that perfect item. You chat briefly about what they want, realize it’s going to be a custom piece, and you have to bring in the stone. Then they ask, “is there any way to see pictures before I buy it?” Your heart sinks, knowing how difficult it is capturing the beauty of a gemstone in a single picture, but the sale depends on it! We have apps that can literally drop food off at our front door but we still can’t figure out how to easily and quickly take quality gemstone photos. What if there were tools available that make taking pictures painless? Here are some easy options to make the stress of taking pictures disappear.