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Parker’s Karat Patch carves out big local niche

It was an unlikely career for Kristin and Terrence Laughter. Not that they didn’t want to work in the jewelry industry, but rather, they started life together traveling the world while Terrence served his country as an Army Infantry solider. Sure, they’d grown up together in Asheville, North Carolina, and married as high school sweethearts, but neither had a direct connection to jewelry and Terrence was busy learning the logistics of combat fighting, not tapping into his creative side.

Southern Gates® Jewelry launches exclusive collection with Biltmore®

(CHARLESTON, S.C.) - Jewelry design and wholesale firm, The Cargo Hold, Inc., is introducing a new series from their best-selling Southern Gates® Collection in a licensing partnership with Biltmore. This limited six-piece release features sterling silver jewelry inspired by the historic architecture and exquisite craftsmanship of Biltmore in Asheville, NC.

Travis Piper, the $1 Million Man

In 1997, Travis Piper went off to college with an aviation scholarship to become a pilot. Within a year, he changed course after working in a jewelry store. Twenty years later, what began as a part-time college job has become a lifelong career path as a custom jeweler and retail jewelry store-owner. After opening his first jewelry store in 2012, then expanding to a new store in August 2016, Travis is officially running a $1 million business at the close of 2017. 

Retailer Roundtable: With repairs, what’s your response when asked about switching a diamond?

Q: With repairs, what’s your response when asked about switching a diamond? 

“I think the industry is still feeling the effects of that high profile [NBC] Dateline story from 2005 when a New York-based jeweler was caught and arrested for doing just this. Unfortunately, this news story indicted all jewelers. Our solution is being transparent, literally. We have a 5’ x 3’ viewing window of the jeweler’s workshop. People can watch me set their diamond, while they wait or by appointment. 

Retailer Roundtable: What do you do when a customer breaks an important piece in your store?

Q:What do you do when a customer breaks an important piece in your store?

“We don’t have a set policy for this type of incident. Pretty much in all cases we’ll cover the cost of repairing the item to avoid any ill will with the client. This is especially true today with so many peer review websites. Imagine what kind of Google Review or Yelp rating we’d have if there was a ‘you break it, you buy it’ policy. It wouldn’t be good. If the incident happened and it caused significant damage to the piece, we’d file an insurance claim. 

“That guy who baby sits jewelry stores”

Longtime jeweler fires up retired ambulance to offer shop owners precious time off

Many times during the past four decades, Jeff Kaiser could have used a hand to run JB Kaiser Jewelers while he stepped out for an important family event, or even a vacation.