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Retailer Roundtable: How do you prevent unknowingly selling (or buying) undisclosed lab-grown/synthetic diamonds?

“I know my sources for diamonds. I’ve been dealing with them for many years and deal almost exclusively in diamonds accompanied by a grading report. My policy is every diamond I sell that weighs one carat or more comes with a GIA grading report - I’m a stickler for GIA reports. I do a lot of custom work, so I order goods from vendors I know and trust. Typically, I’ll source multiple diamonds for a single customer. We’ll take the time to look at each one under a gemological microscope to teach them about diamonds and to examine each diamond in greater detail and find the diamond the customer likes the most for their custom piece.

Estate jeweler starts foundation, jewelry collection for niece

PattiWhen a young life ends abruptly - especially a person with huge potential to effect change in the lives of others - people impacted by the loss feel compelled to do something. That is exactly what Patti Geolat did when she formed the Something for Kelly Foundation after the death of her niece Kelly Burk Nobbe, who lost her battle with anorexia on the morning of August 7, 2009.

Bill’s Jewelers thrives by staying true to a family promise

Bill’s Jewelers in Thomasville, Ga., has three driving forces that have kept the store growing every single year since it opened back in 1986.

One is treating your customers like family and providing the best service possible, making sure that all of their needs have been met. Next is don’t spend it until you have it.

Fresh & ambitious, Virtual Diamond Boutique is a stone-sourcing gift to app-savvy retailers

Tanya Nisguretsky, CEO and Founder of New York City’s Virtual Diamond Boutique, says VDB is first and foremost a trading platform that provides jewelry retailers and designers the ability to source and connect with vendors worldwide for diamonds and colored gemstones. Beyond that, the app is sexy.

Retail Roundtable: What’s the most unusual request you’ve had from a customer?

“I started working in this business on September 15, 1970 at Goodman Jewelers. During my first week on the job, a woman came in the store and wanted her ring sized. I told her to remove the ring so we could get a more accurate ring size, then size it up by adding more gold content to the ring. She told me that she has never taken the ring off since the day she put it on. When I tried to explain to her the process of sizing the ring up, she simply giggled at me and walked out the door. It was at that time I knew I was in a unique line of work and that I would meet all sorts of interesting people in this job. Forty-eight years later, I still enjoy meeting people and learning from them each and every day. This is an incredible business we’re in.”

Bead it on down the line

A girls’ day out can do a lot for a woman, from recharging the batteries to a day of cheek-hurting laughter. But a life-changing career switch typically doesn’t make such a benefits list. That’s what happened to Karen Hollis, when on a whim she joined a friend at a public gem, jewelry and fashion accessories show in the mid-1990s.