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Retailer Roundtable: Do you buy from the public? What is your procedure? What are the challenges?

“For precious metals we either buy outright, but a lot of times people opt for a trade in, which gives them an extra 10 percent more for the item(s) sold. Typically, we sort pieces by precious metal types and karatage, and then weigh the item. We then plug in the pennyweight of each item(s) into a formula using the day’s spot prices. If customers want gemstones that we aren’t interested in buying, we’ll remove those as well. For diamonds we typically buy at weights of half-carat and larger, but will purchase smaller sizes in complete jewelry pieces that we’re buying.

Pearl of a pup: Mosher’s Jewelers doubles as a training ground for Future Leader Dogs - and customers love it

Reporting to work every day, Pearl is the latest in a proud line of puppies learning their manners at Mosher’s Jewelers in Port Huron, Mich. When she has her basics down, Pearl will move along to Leader Dogs for the Blind about 50 miles southwest in Rochester for more rigorous training.

Reason to Hope: Jewelry industry steps up to help natural disaster victims

It’s so easy to get sucked into choosing a side. Trump or Hillary? Democrat or Republican? Sit or stand? The public intensity over everything from politics to sports can be emotionally bruising and intellectually battering. So many times I’ve wondered, “Where is the unity? Where is the good will?”

Overnight explains how to say, “Yes!” to every sale

Releases 2 new catalogs 

Being a jewelry retailer has never been more challenging. New economic realities, new competitors, and new pressure on margins have completely changed your business. That’s why Overnight has completely transformed its business too: to help its retail customers compete and win in today’s ever-changing retail landscape. 

Retailer Roundtable: What issues should gem and jewelry industry leaders be taking on?

Q: What issues should gem and jewelry industry leaders be taking on? 

“One topic I feel is important has to do with the relationships we have with our vendors/suppliers and both sides understanding it’s a two-way street. About three years ago, we started placing expectations on both the companies we buy from as well as the sales reps. As an example, the vendor is to provide a picture of every piece of jewelry we buy and the sales rep is required to make at least one trip a year to West Texas and spend at least two hours with my sales staff training them on their product. If I am going to buy from a vendor then we must have a relationship that benefits both of us.