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Marketing outside the box

Independent retailers have come a long way when it comes to marketing their businesses. Years ago, very few had a marketing budget or a marketing plan. But today most retailers realize the critical nature of keeping their company name out there.

Still, many independent retailers view marketing in a traditional way; flyers, posters, direct mail pieces. In today’s market those tools are cumbersome, costly and typically generate less than a five percent response. In a day when retailers have to work harder for a sale that is typically worth less than it was a year ago, smart marketing can take the financial burden off the back of the owner.

At 85, N.C. jeweler keeps mixing business with plenty of pleasure

A long time ago, Bill Griffith learned the secret to success was simple: Have fun with it.

And so he has, stirring up excitement with eagerly anticipated promotions at his jewelry business in the heart of charming Marion, N.C.

“People love it,” says Bill, whose sparkle and enthusiasm belie his 85 years. “We have steady customers here in the store. We like to kid and have fun.

“I learned some tricks from some of the jewelers I used to call on as a salesman. One or two jewelers would have drawings at Christmas time to give away a watch or something. I decided I’d try it and did, and it is tremendous! Everybody gets excited and has fun.”

New software gives Kevin Seele “The Edge”

One of the most important choices independent jewelers make today is which automated software to use to run their business.

Kevin Seele certainly knows how to keep a jewelry store going. Kevin’s Fine Jewelry has been a Totowa, NJ landmark for 27 years. It currently has nine employees, and it’s done well enough for him to open up another branch 20 miles away.

To Bee or not to Bee?

Former Secretary of State Albright’s “Pin Diplomacy”

When Madeleine Albright, the former US Secretary of State, donned a wasp pin before an important meeting with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, he was visibly disturbed. Brooches had become her diplomatic calling card, a way of non-verbally signifying her mood or intentions. Bees or wasps could signal “something like a sting. I wore wasps on days I wanted to do a little stinging and deliver a tough message,” she explains.

The Gem Gallery - starting a good habit

Sherry Frantz began her retail jewelry business years ago when she rented some space in a boutique. Her fledgling business was directed toward women shoppers and self purchase. So when, years later, she got a call from a local hospital with a request involving women and their health, Sherry listened. The hospital had been approached by an oncology nurse who wondered if they could attract and entice more women to get an annual mammogram with the promise of a pearl. The nurse was familiar with programs offered by jewelers to sell one pearl at a time to grow to a bracelet or necklace. Would women respond to a free pearl every year?

StarCraft introduces Guy Harvey signature line

In one of the smarter business deals of 2009 StarCraft has secured the exclusive rights to produce a licensed Guy Harvey line of jewelry. As an industry leader in the manufacturing field, StarCraft came up with the idea to design and manufacture a Guy Harvey signature line that represents the popular artist's passion for marine wildlife.

Buddy’s Big Give

You may not know Buddy or his jewelry stores in North Carolina but one thing's for sure, you can't miss his car. With big diamond magnets strewn all over it, along with the logo for his most recent promotion, no one can miss Buddy's car - and that's exactly the point.