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From Poverty to Pearls: The Zanzibar Women’s success story

Women living in a coastal village on the island of Zanzibar in the Indian Ocean have come across an intriguing and innovative way of raising their incomes and business skills through cultivation of iridescent "half-pearls" from oysters along their shore. These captivating, luminescent gems are harvested by the women, who polish and sell them to local residents and tourists, and professional jewelers, who can then set them in striking silver and gold designs.

The Cargo Hold ‘Holds On’ for 35 years of successful business

Tom Young and Bob Glenn have been in business together for 35 years. They have weathered numerous economic downturns, a major change of direction for their business and, yet, have remained solidified in their vision for their company. In a time when few things last as long, Young and Glenn have proven that collaboration, integrity and vision are integral to long-term business success.

After 50 years, Virginia jewelers still rolling with the changes

Goodman Jewelers may not be quite as old as the hills that surround its three locations in mountainous southwest Virginia, but it's been around long enough - a half century this year - to see some remarkable changes.

Mark Goodman is the son of Bill and Shirley Goodman, the couple who started the family business in the small town of Chilhowie back in 1959. Mark now operates the Goodman's third location, in nearby Abingdon, a historic town of almost 8,000 people 133 miles southwest of Roanoke along Interstate 81.