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JCK Vendor/Supplier Roundtable

This month rather than our usual Retailer Roundtable we decided to ask vendors the best reason to visit their booth at the JCK Las Vegas Show in June.

 Q: What products/services will you be featuring in your booth at the Las Vegas Show?

Voyager Brands up and running with bright ideas, creative new brands

When Shreyansh Shah arrived from India, he was looking forward to seeing a little snow. He got more than he bargained for - and he was delighted.

“I came to the United States in December 1998 and was welcomed by 2 feet of snow in Chicago,” says Shah, Chief Operating Officer of Austin, Tex.-based Voyager Brands. “Before that, I hadn’t even seen snow. It was my dream to see it, but not in that quantity! And it was frigid cold, so it was a good welcome!”

GA jeweler fosters, develops jewelry designing talent

When Douglas Meadows was looking to phase out PANDORA last summer, his bench jeweler with jewelry designing skills and sales prowess stepped in to fill the inventory vacuum with in-house, hand-fabricated mainly sterling silver fashion jewelry. At similar price points as the well-known bead jewelry, Douglas, his team and staff jewelry designer Abby Fincannon worked together for more than seven years to successfully brand her designs and fully launch her collections at a critical juncture last year for the Marietta, Georgia jeweler. 

Retailer Roundtable: What was your most successful Mother’s Day promotion?

Q: What was your most successful Mother’s Day promotion? 

“Last year we had a gift-with-purchase event for Mother’s Day. With diamond as April’s birthstone, and then Mother’s Day in May, along with spring weddings, we always try to make diamond jewelry part of our Mother’s Day events which typically run from late April through mid-May.  We offered a tiered gift-with-purchase program. Starting at $250 on up, customers could receive a coupon for a one hour massage at a local spa. Purchases of $1,000 and up would include added spa perks such as manicures, pedicures, facials, and half-days at the spa. Customers could also redeem the spa coupon for additional money off the jewelry, which some people chose to do, but most chose to give the busy mothers in their lives a little pampering and mom time.  In addition, we have a local chocolatier with staff trained in Belgium that produces incredible chocolates. We sell these delicious chocolates year round, but offer a special selection and pricing for Mother’s Day.  These efforts have helped us form good cross-promotional partners. In years past, we’ve also done gemstone giveaways. We selected 100 gemstones and placed them in decorative bags along with a gift card for our store. Many customers either used the gift card for other jewelry or set the gemstone in jewelry as a remount or a custom piece, which was very successful for us. We’ve also done pay the sales tax events around Mother’s Day. Each year, we like to mix it up and do a fun and different promotion, but all of our Mother’s Day events have a pay-it-forward quality to them to show our appreciation for the amazing moms in our lives.”