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Other News

A real jewel

Veteran jewelry industry journalist Roy Conradi went prospecting for the “big one” in Canada before the recent SJTA show. To prove it wasn’t just another fish story he sent us this picture of his trophy fish - a 38”, 17 pound Northern Pike.

Silver Institute to launch “Silver Marketing Initiative”

The Silver Institute announced that it will launch a consumer-marketing element as part of its wide range of industry programs. The "Silver Marketing Initiative" (SMI) will combine a media and grassroots campaign to increase awareness and encourage consumer purchases of sterling silver jewelry. It will also educate the consumer and trade press on sterling silver and be a source of market information and product news on sterling silver.

The 5 step plan to increased sales

While researching Monroe's Motivated Sequence developed by Alan H. Monroe, and published in his book, "Principles and Types of Speech," in 1962 by Scott, Foresman and Company, I turned up a wealth of information to help anyone who sells for a living.

Before going into my discovery, lets go over some basic tools that any persuader must understand. Monroe captured the essence of communicating effectively with the customer. He may have called his subjects an audience or listener, but our field labels the listener as a customer.

Letters to Chuck

Thanks for the good news!

You're hired! The news has to find a negative spin to play up, apparently good news doesn't sell (take the 24/7 coverage of the latest hurricane non-event here in Miami). I'm glad to see someone covering the fact the there a portions of the economy that aren't affected by the price of gas. Our business is up 40% YTD (in sales and profits). Shout it from the rooftops - give the people confidence and this "recession" will end!

Steady business, optimistic 4th quarter outlook headline Atlanta Jewelry Show


Held August 9-11, 2008 at the Cobb Galleria Centre, the Atlanta Jewelry Show generated reports of steady business and a renewed optimism about retail sales for the 4th quarter and into 2009. Reinforcing the positive atmosphere, buyers responded enthusiastically to the show’s ever-growing roster of special programs and features, including the enhanced SJTA Rewards program, SJTA U educational series, and popular Buyer Gala.

“In light of today’s challenging economic climate, we were very pleased with the attendance and with the business activity that the August show generated,” says Carol Young, executive director, Southern Jewelry Travelers Association (SJTA), producers of the Atlanta Jewelry Show. “While our attendance took a slight dip from the August ‘07 show, most exhibitors told us they were quite pleased with the business they wrote with current as well as new customers.”