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W magazine reviews the most outrageous jewelry from Paris Couture Week

Outrageous Jewelry2

Paris Haute Couture is a special time of year where the top fashion houses put their best pieces forward twice a year with beautiful, handcrafted designs. In July, it seems as though the jewelry houses also get in on the fun, showing their own best offerings to both editors and the customers who may just scoop up a piece or two. This time around, the jewelry designers certainly did not disappoint. There was a mix of everything, suitable for virtually every customer, from titanium pieces in bright orange studded with diamonds from Suzanne Syz to David Yurman’s one of a kind high jewelry collection designed by the founder’s son, Evan Yurman. Smaller brands like Ana Khouri and Dauphin also put out an impressive presentation of high jewelry, proving that its not only the classic brands that are worth investing in when it comes to building a private collection. Here, the most gorgeous, opulent pieces of the week.

Tennis ball-sized 'diamond in the rough' too big to sell

tenisbal diamond

TORONTO (Reuters) - In the mysterious world of diamond mining, it turns out that some stones are too big to sell.

Canada's Lucara Diamond Corp will have to cut its tennis ball-sized rough diamond to find a buyer, industry insiders say, following Sotheby's failed auction for the world's largest uncut stone last summer.

It's not the ending that William Lamb wanted for his 1,109-carat stone, named 'Lesedi La Rona', or 'Our Light' in the national language of Botswana where it was mined.

“Corona” Eclipse pendant debuts to mark August, 2017 total solar event

Clarksville, TN Jeweler Elliott Herzlich creates commemorative jewelry sky watchers will love

EclipseOn Aug. 21, 2017, America will fall under the path of a total solar eclipse. During the eclipse, the sun will disappear behind the moon and turn the daylight into twilight. At the same time, the temperature will drop rapidly, as the rare total solar eclipse sweeps the nation. For about two and one-half minutes, day will turn into night and people who are in the “path of totality” will be part of an unforgettable experience as the sun’s corona reveals itself in grandeur.

JSA Special Alert

Beware of callers faking identities to have high-end orders shipped

JSAThe Jewelers’ Security Alliance has received numerous reports of a type of fraud being attempted against the jewelry industry. The diamond, jewelry and watch industry have been targeted by this widespread scam.