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Other News

BRONZClay™ now available exclusively from Rio Grande

Following a successful “sneak peek” at the 2008 PMC® Conference in July, versatile BRONZClay™ is now available exclusively from Rio Grande. BRONZClay offers exciting design possibilities to jewelers, artists and sculptors at an affordable price.

BRONZClay consists of 11% tin, 89% copper, water and non-toxic binding materials. It can be pinched, rolled, manipulated and formed like clay; in its dried pre-fired state, it’s still highly flexible and easy to carve, allowing the artist to apply details and finishing touches before firing. When fired in a kiln, the binder vaporizes, leaving a solid, pure bronze object that can be sawn, shaped, drilled, patinaed or soldered using traditional jewelry tools and techniques. And because it’s so affordable, it can be used to create large pieces and specialized tools - it can even be thrown on a potter’s wheel to shape bronze hollowware.

Sommers Jewelry introduces Next Day Jewelry

Next Day Jewelry is the name of their website and they’re on the Internet just in time for the Christmas season. A division of Sommers Jewelry in Atlanta, Georgia, who have served the independent jeweler for over 60 years, now has entered cyberspace with a concept that will support their clients with a service that’s just right for these times.

Real roses that last forever

Living Gold Co. in Los Angeles has been making their gold and platinum roses since 1991. Their unique roses are actually made of real, fresh-cut roses. Each rose is formed at the peak of its beauty and electroplated in layers of metals for durability. The roses are then finished in 24k gold or platinum for a lifetime of enjoyment.

To achieve their exquisite quality, the roses require skilled artisans’ great personal care and efforts. For the Birth Color Roses, they are trimmed by hand, millimeter by millimeter. For the regular Gold and Platinum Roses, the artisans have to locate all possible microscopic holes or cracks and fill them up with special glue to prevent any juice leaking out from inside the roses.

Ivan Alan Jewels introduces the Personal Pendant

What do you hope for? What do you believe in? What do you love? What’s life all about and what makes people strive to be better or enjoy their life? “These are questions I always think about when having a conversation with friends and family,” says Ivan Levi, owner of Ivan Alan Jewels. This line of thinking is what led Levi to create the Personal Pendant.

Marathon releases Kiddie Kraft Gold catalog

marathonMarathon Company is proud to introduce their newest catalog of Kiddie Kraft Gold jewelry. This comprehensive catalog features the Kiddie Kraft collection of jewelry for infants through young girls.

The Kiddie Kraft line of baby and children’s jewelry has a large selection from which to choose with no minimums on re-orders. Kiddie Kraft offers jewelry for infants through young girls in 10 karat, 14 karat, sterling silver and gold filled. Items are available for immediate delivery and come boxed with a lifetime guarantee.

Jewelers Mutual enhances portfolio of products with addition of Employment Practices Liability Insurance

(NEENAH, Wisc.) - How can a family-owned business become fertile ground for an age-discrimination lawsuit? When do jokes make a workplace hostile? Can you fire an employee for poor performance, even if she’s pregnant? What happens if the employee you let go due to a drop in revenue sues you for racial discrimination?

Lorenzo Sterling & 18K jewelry helps retailers through tough times

(SEATTLE) - In what many in the industry have described as a “challenging” year for jewelry sales, the Lorenzo brand silver and 18K gold jewelry collection, marketed in the U.S. exclusively by Simon Golub & Sons (SGS), reports a 25% increase in sales this year to date over 2007.

lorenzo-nov“The Lorenzo Sterling and 18kt line from SGS is one of our top selling collections. Customers love the great styling and affordable prices.  We have several clients who own multiple pieces of Lorenzo and always come back to see what’s new from Lorenzo. The line is also a favorite among our sales staff because it is a quality product that is so easy to sell,” says Holly Wesche Conn, owner of Wesche Jewelers in Melbourne, Florida.