Last updateTue, 20 Jun 2017 6pm

What's New

VEER introduces StarStruck® - a revolutionary new diamond cut

VEERVEER, a diamond and jewelry manufacturing company based in New York City’s Diamond District, is pleased to announce its new StarStruck® Diamond Cut.

The StarStruck® Diamond is an original shape, fresh to the industry. StarStruck® Diamonds feature 61 facets meticulously aligned to form a star on the top of the diamond and a pattern of hearts in the pavilion. “Its might sound cheesy, but it is a perfect diamond for the ‘Star of your Heart’,” says Kaushal Shah, owner of VEER.

ASHI introduces Lovebright Essentials

Ashi LBOffers big look, great price on diamond basics

Studies have shown that basic styles account for as much as 50% of a jewelry store’s total sales. ​ASHI presents Lovebright Essentials, a new ​POS ​program focused on helping you showcase and sell more ​of these ​basic, fast turning, full margin styles​.