Last updateWed, 17 Jan 2018 3pm

What's New

Stuller iPhone App goes live

Stuller-phone-Oct(LAFAYETTE, La.) - Live Diamond Try-On, Stuller's new iPhone application, is now available for download from the App Store.

"We've received such amazing support from our retailers when demonstrating earlier versions of the app at JCK," says Matt Stuller, president, founder and CEO. "We want to make sure all retailers take advantage of another option that will help drive traffic to their stores."

The iPhone app is designed to generate excitement with engagement ring shoppers, ultimately leading them to their local retail stores for diamond purchases. It presents bridal diamond jewelry in an easy and fun way giving retailers an opportunity to sell Red Box Diamonds®.

To become a Red Box Diamond retailer, or to learn more about Live Diamond Try-On visit www.stuller.com.

Sal Praschnik Jewels releases revolutionary new product

(MIAMI) - Sal Praschnik Jewels recently introduced a revolutionary new product: The e-Charm. At first glance the average person would conceive it to be just another dashing piece of jewelry, but upon further inspection one would realize that the e-Charm's purpose is far from solely aesthetic.

Rembrandt launches Charmdrops™

(WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y) - Rembrandt is proud to announce an entirely new product line. Rembrandt CharmdropsTM serve as a charm holder and an interchangeable spacer. Charms can be mixed and matched according to one's mood or occasion. Charms can be changed in a moment while leaving the Charmdrop on the bracelet. Charmdrops are also a great way to integrate Rembrandt Charms onto existing bead bracelets.

R•Findings unveils unique Carousel Diamond Earring

Since no one can ever have enough diamond earrings, R•Findings is proud to offer a new item - the Carousel Stud Earring (ERST) Series.

Inspired by merry-go-rounds from long ago, the Carousel Earrings offer a fresh interpretation and alternative to solitaire stud earrings. Still delicate, the accent diamonds add dimension and sparkle from any angle. Decidedly feminine.