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Understanding Twitter as a marketing tool

*This is the second in a series of six articles about Twitter Social Networking and its use in the jewelry industry

Last month I shared with you an overview of Twitter and explained its uses as a communications platform for your business. Now I'd like to get you thinking about how you could market your business in its own Twitter Space.

The first step to capitalizing on the advantages Twitter can offer is to assess your business strengths. Start by asking yourself, your employees and even your customers this question: What sets your company apart from the competition? Is it your wide variety of merchandise? Your in-house repair shop? The designer lines you carry? Your knowledgeable sales staff and outstanding customer service? Your reputation for exquisite custom work? Your celebrity clientele? Your knack for stocking jewelry in all the price-points?

Once you've assessed your strengths, take some time to think about what it is you want to accomplish by establishing your company "space" on Twitter. Remember, Twitter is a Social Network which acts as a communications platform and can help your business in any number of ways. But you'll need to define, as clearly as possible, how you expect to use this platform and what you hope to gain.

Let's take a look at the following examples:

Jewelry store A has a good client base. Based on the current economy, Jewelry store A decides that it wants to beef up it's repair, appraisal and gold buying business. Along with beefing up those areas of business, it also wants to start building more solid relationships with its existing clients and some potential new ones.

Jewelry store A has several different objectives and decides to take the approach of using Twitter to share information. By deciding to use "information sharing Tweets" all 3 objectives can be realized by structuring the Twitter communications in a similar fashion as shown below:

Jewelry store A can increase repair business by tweeting useful, jewelry-related information to their customers, which might look like this (remember the 140 character limit)

Did you know? Many jewelry pieces are made of several different components joined together & assembled by soldering with karat gold solders

Mixed in with repair special offer tweets that might look like this -

20% off all jewelry repairs this week when you mention "Twitter". Chain repair, bead-restringing, ring resizing, diamond remounting & more!

Jewelry store A can increase appraisal business by tweeting useful, jewelry-related information to their customers, which might look like this (remember the 140 character limit) -

Is it time to update your insurance policy? Make sure to check your jewelry & include any new pieces you have received as gifts or inherited

Mixed in with appraisal special offer tweets that might look like this -

You'll sparkle with our Twitter Appraisal special. Mention Twitter when you have your jewelry appraised & get a free jar of jewelry cleaner
Jewelry store A can increase gold buying business by tweeting useful metal information to their customers, which might look like this (remember the 140 character limit) -
Eureka mine celebrates gold production milestone: Ruby Hill Mine has celebrated the production of 1 million ozs of gold @ http://is.gd/22tWZ

Mixed in with gold buying Tweets that might look like this -
Let us help with your spring cleaning. Top prices paid for your gold jewelry. Stop in for a free quote & turn your old jewelry into cash now

Jewelry store B has a wide variety of designer jewelry and an extremely knowledgeable sales staff. Unfortunately most of the customers who shop in Jewelry store B are more interested in price-points and don't really seem to care to be educated by the sales staff in the value of buying and owning a fine designer piece.

Jewelry store B has a single-focused goal, as compared to the multi-purpose goals of Jewelry store A, to educate its customers on the value of buying fine designer pieces. Jewelry store B decides to take the approach of using Twitter to educate and build relationships with its customers.

Ready to begin? Then let's assume for the sake of this article that Jewelry store B carries Tacori merchandise. Jewelry store B can access the Tacori website and put a wealth of information into its customers hands with "educational, relationship building Tweets" by structuring the Twitter communications in a similar fashion as shown below:

Jewelry store B can start the education process of its customers by tweeting something like this -

All of our Tacori pieces are designed as celebrations of love, objects of beauty & heirlooms of tomorrow. Fall in love with the Tacori Touch

Mixed in with a relationship building tweet like this -
Love your Tacori jewelry? Tell us about your piece why you love it & you could win a chance to have your love story featured on Tacori.com

Mixed with an informational/entertainment tweet like this -
1 thing is for certain, Whitney Port loves her golden TACORI Champagne Sunset Ring & wears it all over THE HILLS (MTV) & @ http://tr.im/vupJ

Two different stores, two different goals. Yet both can use Twitter as a marketing tool to overcome the challenges of meeting the individual goals of each store.

And both can be successful by using the following tips:

  1. Give focused information that is educational, entertaining or informational
  2. Be prepared to interact with your users
  3. Coordinate your Tweets with your in-store marketing
  4. Reward your followers by giving them special Twitter offers
  5. Monitor your account and follow up as soon as possible on any questions, comments or inquiries

Next Month - Don't be a Twitter Quitter: Claiming your Social Networking space, learning the language and navigating the networking structure.


Ann Glynn is a managing partner of GJB Partners, LLC, a company that provides technology, experience and information to assist members of the jewelry industry. GJB Partners works with its clients to improve their business and profitability through a combination of Internet-based opportunities, including the Twitter Social Networking Service. If you'd like more information on using Twitter to enhance your business, contact Ann at 504-615-1191 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..