Last updateTue, 19 Jun 2018 9pm

New GIA Diamond Sealing Service


(CARLSBAD, Calif.) – The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has announced a new Diamond Sealing Service that is now available to customers. The service is offered for D-to-Z diamonds that carry a GIA Diamond Grading Report or a GIA Diamond Dossier®, and colored diamonds holding a GIA Colored Diamond Grading Report.

Donna Baker, GIA president and CEO, made the announcement with Nirupa Bhatt, GIA managing director for India and the Middle East, at the IIJS Show in Mumbai.

The new service seals the diamond with its key grading information in a credit card-sized, tamper-resistant package. The sealed package keeps the stone, its report number and its primary gemological details such as report date, shape and the Four Cs, together in a secure, easy-to-display packet.

The sealed package contains multiple security features, including the GIA hologram. The packet shows that the diamond has been graded by GIA and the information in it matches the stone, which will help prevent attempts to misrepresent the item and its report.

The Sealing Service can be ordered at the time of grading for a fee of $9 per stone. A diamond can also be resubmitted for the Sealing Service for the $9 charge, with an additional grading fee applied.

Baker said, “GIA has been vigorously offering a wider array of services to accommodate the needs of its many different customers throughout the industry and the general public.


“As we continue to expand globally, we’re providing additional options and finding more opportunities to help solve customer problems in that market,” she added. “In particular, we are interested in offering services that promote worldwide industry standards and reinforce consumer confidence.”

Bhatt said, “As the world’s largest diamond cutting and manufacturing center, India is also a clearing house for many diamond markets, some of which increasingly request this type of benefit. We are pleased to offer it to all our clients in this region and around the world.”

The Sealing Service can be requested at all GIA Laboratory or take-in locations worldwide, as well as online through GIA’s client portal, “My Laboratory.”

For more information, please visit the GIA website at www.gia.edu.