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Sale Growth Expert: Facts about opportunity

Fact: The one that jumps at opportunities is the one that is most successful

Young salesperson: “Would you mind telling me your secret of sales success?”

Wealthy sales professional: “There is no secret. You just have to jump at your opportunities.”

Young salesperson: “But how will I know when these opportunities come?”

Wealthy sales professional: “You can’t. You just have to be AGGRESSIVE and keep jumping at all your opportunities.”

Fact: Your opportunity to close a sale is greater when you “get on the other side of the counter.”

Counters in a store, or a desk in an office, are an obstacle to closing the sale.  When there is an obstacle between you and the customer it becomes you against the customer for their money. When you are beside the customer it is you and the customer against their problem, need or want.  Get on the other side of the counter.

Fact: When you use the opportunity to be the Super Hero for customers, your sales increase.

As I grew up watching my dad interact with customers, I noticed everyone liked him.  Even the customers that did not make purchases liked my dad.  I remember asking him once, “How come everyone likes you?”  He replied, “When I help someone solve their problems, I become their hero.  After I solve two or three of their problems, I become a Super Hero.”  The neat part about being a super hero to your customers, other than everyone likes you, is you make a lot of money.

As I grew as a sales professional I adopted what I call the Mighty Mouse attitude.  Mighty Mouse, a cartoon super hero of the ‘60s flew through the air singing, “Here I come to save the day!!!” as he swooped down to help others against the villains.  The customers’ problems are the villains, and when I become Mighty Mouse and solve those problems, I save the day for them and make the sale.

The Mighty Mouse attitude does not just happen, you must practice it. I actually sing the song, to myself, when I am on the way to a sales call or as a customer approaches me.  Okay, to some of you that sounds silly, but it has always worked for me.

Put yourself in a proper aggressive state of mind and always remember the Number One Rule In Selling is, “The one who solves the customer’s problems the easiest for them will get the sale,” and you will become successful.

Fact: When you take the opportunity to give a pleasant greeting your business grows.

As I hurried through the showroom one day, passing by customers and employees without pausing to recognize them, my father grabbed my arm and said, “Slow down, you are losing sales.”  I had just returned from giving a large truck tire customer a proposal which he did not accept, and I was in a hurry to re-run the numbers and get back with him.

“I am about to lose this tire deal if I do not find a way to give them a better offer,” I said to my dad.  He replied, “You are about to lose much more than that deal.”  As I am sure I looked at him puzzled, he continued, “You know the old expression, ‘everything starts at the top’?”  I nodded yes.  “When you rush by your employees and your customers without acknowledging them, you are damaging the very thing that has made us successful - Relationships.”

I knew he was right, and from that day on I always took the time to pleasantly great every customer I came in contact with, and I went out of my way to talk to each employee every day.

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