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Sales Growth Expert: Get your product in your customers’ hands

"Presentation without DEMONSTRATION is just conversation."
- Gary Kirkpatrick - Westendorf Mfg. Co.

Getting your product in your customers' hands will increase your close rate. Getting them to use your product in the place and situation they receive the benefits from your product will greatly increase your sales and profits.

The profitable practice of getting your products and services into the customers' hands and minds is nothing new.

Back in the ‘60s my father led the television sales industry in our area because he was the first to give the customer a three day demonstration in their home. When the competition copied him he went to a five day demonstration period. Giving a customer an opportunity to try out our products worked so well we even gave them a period of time to try out the tires we sold in our tire business.

Look at what you sell. Make a list of all the benefits the customer will receive from owning your products and services. Not the features, the benefits. The features of your products and services are the product/service and the components they are made up of. The benefits are what the customers get from those features. People buy benefits not features.

I like to give the list of benefits the customer will receive from my products and service to them when they have the product/service on demonstration. It helps them to recognize the benefits and gives them the feeling of ownership and necessity.

Possession become OWNERSHIP... & ...A luxury once had become a NECESSITY
Another way to enhance the customers feeling of necessity, the feeling that they can not live without your product/service is through pointing out your benefits using choice questions. When you give your customers a choice they usually will pick one of them. Again this is not new to successful sellers. The good, better, best selling style has been around for many, many, many years. And when you give your customer a choice of different products that will solve their problems, needs and wants it becomes which item will they purchase from you instead of will they purchase from your or your competition.

It's the same when you are selling your services. Get your service in the customer's mind by giving them choices.

For example: What would be better for you, for you to hire a sales trainer that reads someone else's books and tells you about the selling skills and techniques or hire someone like me who has actually owned and operated businesses like yours and who has discovered, perfected and used my selling and marketing skills and techniques to profit for over 40 years?

It does not matter what you are selling, all you have to do is pick the benefit you want to express to your customer and make a choice question out of it giving them two or more choices.

Another reason demonstrating helps you sell more products and services faster is because when your customer is involved in the demonstration it gives them the feeling of control. People buy and buy more when they feel they are in control.

Get your products in your customers' hands and your services in their minds.

Presentation without DEMONSTRATION is just conversation.
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