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Sales Growth Expert How to close the telephone price shopper

Most people in the selling business feel the telephone price shopper is the toughest sale to make.  But the top sales producers don’t feel that way.  Because they know how to control the sale and change the shoppers focus from price to the benefits they want to receive from the product/service.

When they ask you, “What is your price?” Which they usually do before you have finished your greeting you immediately say, “Price is no problem we guarantee you the best deal!” (or the greatest value).

Now make their needs most important and price less important:

You then continue, “Let me make sure I understand exactly which of our ___ (name the product/service) will solve your needs.

Now ask them the 3 Golden Questions:

(1) “How are you going to use your ___ (product/service they are purchasing)?”

Ask them to fully explain so you and they are fully sure what they are going to purchase will take care of all their needs.  Ask them to elaborate.

(2) “What do you expect from our company before and after the purchase?”

As they tell you what they expect, assure them you will deliver.  Tell them how you will deliver and your guarantee.

(3) “What do you expect from me as your sales representative?” Again as they tell you what they expect from you, assure them you will deliver what they expect and more.

Hit them with the Benefits

People may telephone to shop price, but they buy value.  The value they buy are your benefits.  Product benefits, company benefits and your personal benefits. Now is the time to hit them with as many benefits as needed to set up the close of the sale. Match your benefits to the needs they told you they have when you asked them how they are going to use the product/service they are purchasing.

Ask for the sale

90% of sales people do not come right out and ask for the sale because they are afraid of rejection.  They are afraid of hearing the word “NO.” All you have to do so you never hear the word “NO” is give the customer choices. Choices between different products and different services that will solve their needs.


If you do not close the sale, the sales process is not over.  All you have to do is make a follow-up call to the customer.  Follow-up with more benefits they will receive when purchasing from you.  Many times I have seen sales made on follow-up calls just simply because the follow-up call was made.

Your competition usually is not making the calls. Follow-up even if you do not make the sale.  Call the lost customer.  Thank them for giving you the opportunity to do business with them.  Ask them why they did not make the purchase from you. You will find out valuable information to help you close the next sale.  Send them a hand written thank you note.  Your competition is not doing that and you will build a relationship, if you continue to follow-up with them, that will create future business.

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