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A legend in his own time


In a society filled with mistrust and cynicism, it is refreshing to hear good news. It's nice to know that every newsworthy event is not one of hurt and harm and mayhem. For those trying to live a good and decent life, it is encouraging to learn that the American Dream can still be realized and that nice guys, in fact, do not always finish last. Such is the story of Prem Jain, an immigrant who has worked hard, helped others, and made a fine life by serving his customers graciously. He is the founder and owner of GemsOne, and the recipient of the Ohio Jewelers' Association's 2008 Legends of Ohio Award.

Prem came to the U.S. in 1967 to pursue a Master's degree in industrial engineering. After graduating and working as an engineer, he began selling emeralds on the weekends. For seven years, he pursued both careers until he decided that his future rested in the jewelry industry. Prem left his engineering career and pursued his jewelry business full time. In 1975, he began importing diamonds, opals and pearls, and selling them to retailers in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee.

In the past 27 years, Prem has expanded his once humble business dramatically. Where GemsOne once offered only loose stones, they now offer fully crafted pieces and entire jewelry lines. Today, the business that began as a local operation in Ohio is now an international enterprise with offices in Hong Kong and Bangkok.

Even so, Prem continues to work with independent jewelers, helping to ensure their success. He travels 8-10 days a month, providing his customers not only with exceptional merchandise, but with exceptional care and the resources they require to grow their own business. He strives to be a consultant to his clients, helping them achieve greater profitability. The care that Prem and his company give every customer is the result of his firm belief that only by helping his customers grow their businesses, could he grow his business.

It is this belief and the resulting legendary service that earned Prem the Ohio Jeweler's Association's "Legends of Ohio" Award. The award was presented to Prem during a special ceremony on Saturday, August 24, 2008, at the Columbus Jewelry Show.




Prem Jain (center) with son, Anuj (left), and brother, Ashok, was awarded the 2008 Columbus Jewelry Show Legends Award.


Later that night, Prem and his family celebrated with many of their clients and friends at a party at the Columbus Hyatt that was thrown by Prem's son, Anuj. The party was attended by more than 125 people, some of whom came from as far away as Tennessee and Chicago, Illinois. It was nothing less than a testament to the relationships that Prem has built with his customers over the years.

Prem Jain is much more than a salesman or provider of merchandise. To his clients, he is a friend and a counselor. And in days where so many companies and their leaders are in the news under allegations of corruption and scandal, it is refreshing to hear of a company head known by his clients as someone who genuinely cares for their well-being.

GemsOne can be found online at www.gemsone.com and can be reached at 800-436-7787.