Last updateWed, 13 Jun 2018 12am

Gemvision announces release of Matrix 7.5


(DAVENPORT, Iowa) - Gemvision Corporation is proud to announce the release of Matrix 7.5. The next generation of the popular 3D jewelry design software takes full advantage of the new tools offered in Rhino 5 and allo

Gemvision-MayNew timesaving additions within the program include the Box Edit command and Gumball feature. Both allow jewelers to quickly edit items in three-dimensional space to exact specifications. The Box Edit command gives precise control over fine detail in a design, while the Gumball feature allows the user to reposition, scale and rotate objects.

Soon to be a favorite tool, the ground-breaking Shell command makes it easy to adjust the overall thickness of highly complex surfaces and to create hollow parts with the click of the mouse. When working with different clients and their varying budgets, now jewelers can quickly adjust the metal volume and overall cost of a model to create jewelry for any price point.

Matrix 7.5 also allows the jeweler to harness the power of History to create dynamic and flexible designs and to quickly transform a model into a variety of alternate design variations. This highly-efficient workflow allows users to capitalize on the capabilities of a model, and to flex it to meet the needs of multiple clients.

Other upgrades and enhancements found in Matrix 7.5 include:

  • New shade modes for quick and powerful presentations.
  • New and improved History tools including Sweep 2 with Add Slash.
  • More than 2000 useful feature enhancements.

“The new features will allow us to refine details to perfection without having to recreate models from the ground up,” states Gary Baines, Stuller’s Executive Director of Product Design & Development. “Now we have the ability to simply revisit and flex a model in new and exciting ways, saving us both time and money. This improved workflow is not only more efficient but allows us to design beautiful collections quickly.”

The initial version of Matrix launched in 2000 and became the CAD choice of many of the world’s most famous jewelers. Currently taught at more than 55 schools and universities, Matrix is also supported by comprehensive Gemvision-sponsored training and user events all over the world.

For more information call 800-357-6272 or visit www.gemvision.com.