Last updateTue, 19 Jun 2018 9pm

Econo-Lite introduces latest development in LED showcase lighting


Properly lighting a jewelry showcase isn’t as easy as simply installing an LED fixture and pointing it towards the merchandise, as the correct color temperature and light power are crucial to making things work properly.  The beauty of the LED fixture is also an important element, as it will be seen by every customer viewing the merchandise inside the cases. Most LED showcase lights are over an inch wide – some up to an inch and a half in width - which can impact the viewing area of merchandise sitting near the front of a case. 

Econo-MarStore owners now have a new option from an industry leader in jewelry store lighting, Econo-Lite.  This new option is a sleek, visually appealing LED showcase light called the LED Vantage 2.0.  This LED showcase light was designed specifically for jewelry showcases and is under an inch in diameter.

The sleek design does not compromise light coverage inside the case, as the light projected from it will cover an entire case from front to back and side to side.  “Creating an LED showcase fixture this thin, that won’t overheat and which provides complete coverage at a competitive price, isn’t easy.  I worked with our engineers for over a year developing this product until it performed flawlessly and came in at the price point we were striving for,” said Econo-Lite Co-President Howard Gurock, a recognized expert in LED lighting in the retail industry with a strong emphasis in jewelry lighting. 

The LED Vantage 2.0 is custom made to any length and can work in any case. It can be mounted to the side and back of a showcase, or with a custom pedestal design when there is no ability to mount it to the side or back.  These lights are available standard in a pure white custom binned 5000K color temperature with availability in 3500K, 4000K and 6000K.  “Having the ability to provide different color temperature options permits the store owner to really customize their cases according to their specific needs,” says Gurock. 

With so many cases having a glass on glass seamless design, the beauty of the fixture becomes more important than ever. Top showcase manufacturers such as Artco Group and Grice Showcase require that LED showcase fixtures be visually appealing before they will even consider having them installed in their cases.  This is one of the reasons why the LED Vantage 2.0 was manufactured to not only perform better than anything on the market, but to look better as well.

“We did a soft launch with this new LED fixture offering it only to the top showcase manufacturers we work with on a regular basis. The response we got back was overwhelmingly positive and due to that we are ramping up for full production,” said Gurock.

Econo-front-MarEcono-Lite Products is a division of Eco-Lite Products, a leading supplier of energy-efficient, product-enhancing lighting to the retail industry with an emphasis on jewelry store lighting.  

Econo-Lite’s fixtures are manufactured based on their cornerstone lighting principles. Their products are the perfect combination of energy efficiency, power, color and longevity.

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