Last updateTue, 19 Jun 2018 9pm

American Ring Source launches Spring Flyer


(CINCINNATI) - American Ring Source (ARS) has announced the launch of their 2014 Spring Flyer which introduces their new Co-op Merchandise Program.

ARS-MarchThe ARS 2014 Co-op Program is designed to create incredible value for your customers. This value is leveraged by quality and style to increase consumer loyalty in existing customers, as well as attract a more discerning consumer than one who shops price alone. The co-op pricing enables you to compete on a quality level and enjoy the opportunity to increase margins or offer your customers fantastic savings. Either way, you are increasing the chances of seeing your business grow.

Creating value for their clients is the top merchandising goal at American Ring Source. ARS supplies you with all the tools to integrate your existing marketing and advertising initiatives. Whether through their delivery sales, designer brands, core programs or limited quantity value offerings, ARS gives you the opportunity to merchandise your showcases any time you wish - with profitable and new styles, as well as quick turnaround on special orders.

At American Ring Source, working with you goes beyond selling jewelry - they work to develop relationships. ARS believes locally owned businesses help build strong communities and create important social ties, and understands the importance of keeping dollars within your community.

Since 1985, ARS has been committed to helping the independent jeweler not just survive the challenges in today’s market, but thrive in your endeavors to offer fine quality jewelry to your customers as they celebrate life’s milestones and moments. Be sure to see the ARS Spring Flyer inserted in the March issue of Southern Jewelry News and Mid-America Jewelry News.

To learn more, please contact American Ring Source at 800-841-5619 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..