Last updateTue, 22 May 2018 10pm

Brosway Italia introduces Tring


Tring is the new project of Brosway where single rings with a specific meaning can be combined together to create emotions.

Tring consists of 65 rings made in 316L stainless steel and detailed with natural stones, zircons or Swarovski Elements®. Each jewel has a specific meaning conferred by its shape and color.

Ting-display-AugThanks to their exclusive design, Tring can be mixed and matched to create unique compositions, either based on personality traits or simply on personal tastes.

Tring perfectly expresses its Italian soul via the brightness, the elegance and the design of all the 65 rings.

The Tring “create your emotions” campaign is a project that not only focuses on the product itself, but also involves a specific communication, marketing and visual plan.

Tring provides the choice of creating unique affordable combinations or of wearing each ring individually. The concept of Tring is represented through the displays, where the meaning of each ring is indicated and the suggestions of combination are provided.

A clear and straightforward advertising layout presents the Tring project: a ring composition positioned centrally and all the single rings with their meaning are displayed at the bottom. The same approach has been chosen for the TV ad, where at first three single rings with their respective meanings are shown and at the end the composition of the three is zoomed in.

Brosway is a high profile, top performing and fashionable Italian jewelry brand specializing in stainless steel jewelry, watches, silver jewelry and accessories. It is sold worldwide through airline companies, at duty free shops and in retail jewelry stores all over the world.


For more information please visit www.brosway.com or call their US office at 305-381-9558.