Last updateTue, 22 May 2018 10pm

It’s an Endless Summer at RellerGold


This year marks the 50th anniversary of Bruce Brown’s seminal surfing film “The Endless Summer”. This year also marks 50 years since Marcus Reller registered the Lone Palm symbol as the trademark for his burgeoning souvenir charm business in Miami.

In search of his own “endless summer,” Marcus abandoned the cold winters of New York City to become one of the first jewelry manufacturers to open up in South Florida. Serving the resort markets of the Sunshine State and the Caribbean, the Lone Palm mark was a particularly apt symbol in the heyday of the traditional charm bracelet.

Reller-Nov“Charms are back in a big way” notes Bernard Reller, who now heads the RellerGold company, “but they never really went away, they just morphed into charm-beads, which also won’t go away. Collectors don’t stop collecting cold turkey.”

Reller is ready for the “next wave” with his nautical and seaside charms for tubular leather bracelets.

Going a step further, Reller notes that his market is “beach goers - salt, sand and surf - meaning not the most hospitable environment for fashionable leather.” As an alternative, Reller offers some of his bracelets using Nautical Cordage, the colorful and durable lines used to rig competition sail boats.

In keeping with the “Endless Summer” beach and surf theme, Bernard trademarks his new collection “PIPELINE”.

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