Last updateTue, 22 May 2018 10pm

Gemvision releases Matrix Version 8


(DAVENPORT, Iowa) - From design to manufacturing the new version of Matrix offers a comprehensive approach to jewelry design. Focused on creating toolsets and workflows that enable jewelers to perform their jobs more efficiently, Matrix 8 assists with designing, pricing, ordering, selling and the jewelry manufacturing process.

Gemvision-DecAt the time the original version of Matrix was launched in 2001, CAD was used for rockets and automobile parts. Matrix was revolutionary for the jewelry industry. “When Matrix was initially developed, it was our job to educate jewelers on the advantages of CAD,” explains Doug Kerns, Manager of Sales at Gemvision. “As CAD becomes the new normal, Gemvision remains focused on the distant horizon, developing the most cutting-edge tools and services to the jewelry industry. The latest update, Matrix 8, is a great example.”

Matrix 8 approaches design through the eyes of a jeweler, analyzing how jewelers run their businesses and providing solutions through new tools and functionality. If you believe time is money, the improved efficiencies in Matrix 8 will increase productivity while facilitating beautiful design. Stuller gem ordering and pricing tools, based on the day’s precious metal prices and gemstone availability, allow for easy processing. Mesh repair and CAM tools make your model production-ready, faster.

Experience the all-new jewelry builders by quickly creating halos and popular jewelry designs. Matrix 8 includes libraries of finished bridal designs and fashion designs. These libraries along with the addition of jewelry findings place advanced designs quickly at your fingertips. Reporting tools define your manufacturing needs and detailed schematics of your design promote enhanced workflow. Stunning animation tools bring your designs to life satisfying the curiosity of your customers.

“Gemvision customers have the advantage,” says Kerns. “Gemvision has been providing technology solutions to jewelers for over twenty years. We have a number of former jewelers on staff and we are partnered with Stuller, the largest jewelry manufacturer in the USA. This gives our customers a huge competitive edge. At Gemvision, innovation is our tradition.”

Whether you are a small retail shop or a large manufacturer, there is something for everyone in Matrix 8. And, you can learn the new tools from the comfort of your store through the Gemvision Online Academy.

To see more about Matrix Version 8, please visit www.gemvision.com/m8.