Last updateTue, 22 May 2018 10pm

AISociety AiCertify-2015 debuts with a Global Valuation Standard


The AISociety - Appraisers International Society (AIS) began live and self-study global, online, offerings of AiCertification™2015 at the start of February with the live, AiResidence sessions of its 5-course series of Valuation Appraisal courses to AIStandard v4.0 for gems, jewelry, watches and other personal property.

Gem & jewelry professionals registering for the residence program now are able to join the current AiCore group and get up to date with prior sessions using AiCloud course materials and audio-video AiRecordings.

Those electing the AiSelfStudy option, which starts the beginning of each month, are assigned a team of AiMentors for face-to-face online meetings and correspondence and also utilize state-of-the-art AiCloud course materials and audio-video recordings.

Registration information is available at www.aisociety.com/aicertify/gems-and-jewelry/.

AIS Founder & President Elly Rosen, AiSCV AVS-GJV, FGA, GG, is widely recognized as a pioneer in professional personal property valuation and appraisal education, testing, certification and referrals.

Since 2011, advanced, global, multi-specialty AIS Accredited International Valuers from 7 countries, on 4 continents worked with Elly in twice weekly live, audio-video sessions in AiCertification’s state of the art online classroom. All told, over 3,000 hours were devoted to the development of the AISociety’s live, online, Global Valuation AIStandard™, advancing 2010’s Version-3 to 2015’s Version-4.

This AIStandard is based on peer and court reviewed - tried and tested - multi-specialty, global “Valuation” principles rather than trade notions rooted in gemology.

AiGovernance Chair, Bill Korst, AiSCV AVS-GJV, GG, Minneapolis, MN gem dealer and appraiser, says about AiCertification™: “AIS educational programs are especially dedicated to those who wish to take valuation and related appraisal services to a whole new level. The AIS advanced program leads the way to get you to the top of the Valuation & Appraisal profession for all valuation and appraisal needs, in all free market economies and global jurisdictions. Though I was educated, tested and certified as an appraiser through all of the major appraisal organizations since 1981, no program out there comes close to what is offered in the 250-classroom hours of the 5-course, Triple-Crown Diploma programs of AIS”.

AiGovernor and Gems & Jewelry Division Chair, Steve Crout, AISCV AVS-GJV, FGA, Dg, past President of the Jewellers & Watchmakers of New Zealand, states: “The AiS program is at the pinnacle of gems & jewelry valuation worldwide and is applicable to all consumer and professional client community valuations.”

AiGovernor and AiCertification Committee Chair, Loren Minner, AiSCV AVS-GJV, FGA, GG, Albuquerque, NM says: “It is my pleasure to recommend Elly Rosen and the AISociety AiCertification program and the AiCore Course in appraisal education. Elly is the leader in appraisal education and a tireless advocate for professionalism in the appraisal profession. The AISociety AiCertification program is the ‘cutting edge’ of appraisal education and I highly recommend it to beginners and experienced alike.”

AiGovernor for the USA & AiG Executive Committee Member, Sanford Arnovits, AiSCV AVS-GJV from  Clarks Summit, PA, USA remarked: “I took the first development offering of AiS courses and it opened my eyes to all of the issues involved in appraising. Before taking the courses I had been writing appraisals on gems and jewelry for 3 decades. I simply learned how to do a better job for my clients. For anyone considering enrolling in the program there is something else to consider, taking Elly’s courses was one of the best investments that I have ever made.”

AiGovernor for Australia, Di Walker, AiSCV AVS-GJV, DipDT, FGAA, AdvDipETJ from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia stated that, “The AiCertification program has given me the confidence to offer ethical valuation and value related appraisal services in my city and country. The comprehensive and advanced content of AISociety courses exceeded my expectations and provided answers to many questions otherwise unanswered by other Valuation programs. I am proud to be a part of such a diverse group of global professionals.”

AiGovernor for Canada & AiG Executive Committee Member, Mitch Forest, AiSCV AVS-GJV of  Vancouver, BC, Canada says: “Let me say here that having been in the industry for some 43 years in both the retail end as well as the manufacturing sector, taking the AiSociety courses has revitalized, refreshed and refocused me in my professional career at a time when I thought that was no longer possible. I have been doing appraisals throughout my career doing what I thought was a fine job. I had managed to get by all these years without being challenged professionally or legally. The multi course offerings of the AISociety AICertification program has enabled me to address appraising in a professional manner. The classroom experience online has brought me into a forum where professionals with varying backgrounds discuss the appraisal process.”

Learn more about the AISociety at www.aisociety.com.