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Roseco – from trunk to tremendous


What started out as a one-man business with a trunk-load of inventory is, today, a 30 year-old company built on integrity and customer service. Bob Rose uncovered an unmet need for findings within the independent retailer market and he made it his mission to help them out.

Bob Rose started Roseco in 1979.

Bob Rose started Roseco back in 1979. Already employed as a fine jewelry salesman, he quickly realized that he was selling one product while his customers were asking for another. When requests reached a fevered pitch, Bob researched the findings industry, identified the gap, and created a small business to meet the need. With the sole intent of serving retailers, Roseco became the "little guy's" best friend.

After raising the capital to start his findings business, Bob Rose loaded his trunk with product and hit the road. Those first few years were nothing but travel as Bob made as many as 18 calls a day. He worked Saturday and Sunday on paperwork so he could start all over again on Monday morning.

"I started this business because I knew there was a need out there," recalls Bob. "I was certain that if I provided my customers with a quality product at a good price, I could establish my business. It also helped my pricing that I didn't have any overhead."

In those early years Bob built his business on integrity and relationships. Regardless of how many new customers he picked up, he remained committed to having a personal relationship with each one. He attributes his success to being able to "put myself in my customer's shoes." Bob adds, "If what I'm selling isn't good for my customer then it isn't good for anyone."


The company has come a long way in 30 years. Today Roseco serves over 5,000 customers annually out of their Dallas based headquarters.

Today the company has grown significantly. Roseco serves more than 5,000 customers annually and stocks over 20,000 different items, including: settings, shanks, ring mountings, wedding bands, stones, earrings, pendants, chains and tools and equipment. The wide range of inventory dictates extreme attention to detail. In fact, Bob prides himself on keeping his inventory well-stocked and organized so orders are processed and shipped on the same day.

"We spend enormous amounts of time and energy to make sure we have the inventory stocked and that we ship same day," states Bob. "Most of my employees have been with the company more than 15 years, some more than 20, and they know what I expect in terms of how to treat our customers."

Although customer service hasn't changed, the way Roseco does business has. As with all small businesses, regardless of industry, Roseco had to address the online component of doing business. In order to remain competitive, and to help streamline the order process for his customers, Bob decided to incorporate an online catalog into the mix, which is no small task with 20,000 different products. Undeterred, www.Roseco.com was developed and, today, it is one the most important components of the business.

"Our interactive website allows our customers to order directly from the site. The current pricing is based on a daily commodity market that fluctuates and our website reflects the most current pricing. It is convenient, efficient and accurate."

With all of the attention to detail it would be easy for outsiders to assume Bob wants unlimited growth for his company. But that couldn't be farther from the truth.
"Roseco will always be a small company," comments Bob. "I have no desire to grow it into a big corporation. In fact, my original goal was to have two employees. I want to keep it small because I enjoy personal relationships with my customers. I'm truly satisfied with where Roseco is in the market place. Our reputation has developed into one I'm proud of."

So what does the future hold for the company that started out in the trunk of a car? Perfecting the business. "We will be improving our products and services so that our customers will know they are more than just a number. And, the best way we can do that is with customer feedback. I promote my personal extension and encourage anyone to contact me anytime. Whatever you want to tell me, I want to hear."

To view Roseco's online catalog log on to www.Roseco.com. If you'd like to speak with Bob directly call 800-527-4490, ext. 260.