Partnership opportunities with Diamond Banc

Diamond Banc is partnering with retail jewelers nationwide to assist them in offering a new dimension of financial services to their clients that is dramatically improving their bottom line. Diamond Banc is putting retail jewelers into the buying and lending business with virtually no up-front costs.

Shellé Jewelers in Northbrook, IL is one of the first jewelry stores to open a Diamond Banc Shop-in-Shop in their store. “We are very pleased with the whole experience” said Brain Millman, 3rd generation jeweler and President of Shellés. “Like most independently owned jewelry stores, everyone on our staff has a lot of responsibilities. The best part about working with Kyle and Mills at Diamond Banc is how fast, easy and lucrative the process is. We are now able to provide buying and lending services to our customers without having to hire additional staff or tie up our own capital. They also provide us with marketing support and even take time to speak directly to our customers when needed.”

Diamond Banc provided in-store training to Shellé’s staff, as well as marketing materials. They created a custom buying/lending page on Shellé’s website, a website pop-up, in-store signs and e-mail blasts to drive profitable transactions.

Diamond Banc is also happy to work with jewelers on an as-needed basis. For example, Diamond Banc reports a jeweler in Texas recently had a customer who needed a $100,000 loan to take advantage of a business opportunity. They were referred to Diamond Banc who quickly closed the loan which was secured by several important pieces including a 10 carat diamond. The jeweler was excited to facilitate a customer’s request and to receive $1,200 a month in commission for the length of the loan.

Diamond Banc states generating a loan portfolio in your area can quickly become a new monthly revenue stream. Diamond Banc gives a generous commission based on the interest generated from loans referred to them by retail jewelers. For example, let’s say the monthly interest from one of your referrals is $5,000 - you would receive a monthly commission of $1,250 or 25% for the length of the loan. And there’s no limit to the amount of loans you can refer.

Diamond Banc’s Commission Chart for Retailers

Banc chart Oct

Every jewelry store should capitalize on their expertise. Independent retailers are the jewelry experts in their areas and should be the ones profiting from the lucrative and traffic driving services of buying and lending. There’s currently a huge opportunity in most markets to offer liquidity services based on jewelry assets where customers perceive their only option to be local pawn shops. Diamond Banc says it’s time to start providing 360 degrees of jewelry service to your customers.

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