Last updateTue, 19 Jun 2018 9pm

IDD set to deliver Diamond Basics for the Holidays


IDD of New York, a premier diamond basic supplier in the jewelry industry for 30 years, has certainly seen its share of holiday success.  With hundreds of loyal customers, numerous years in operation, and their award winning service, it’s clear IDD has what retail jewelers need in diamond basics during the holidays. 

IDD-NovIt began 30 years ago with IDD’s unique approach to the category that has made them a diamond basic power-house and one the industry’s most trusted suppliers. Now, 30 years later, with a selection of over 30 diamond basic programs that are completely customizable and competitively priced to turn quickly and increase profits, IDD has earned a highly-respected reputation for being the “go-to” basics supplier for the holidays. 

What makes IDD’s basics so successful for the holidays? The answer is their extensive research in understanding and identifying the essential “money maker” styles for independent retailers, competitive pricing, and quick delivery that gets big sales results during the holidays.  But let’s not forget what keeps the retailers coming back for more year after year, IDD’s consistency in quality of diamonds, the complimentary showcase displays, and their impressive inventory of over 10,000 items always in stock.

So, with the holidays quickly approaching and final preparations underway, here’s a list of IDD’s big movers and must-haves this holiday season that are already getting re-orders and lots of attention:

• large diamond studs from 2ct tw beauties to 6ct carat show-stoppers

• the resurgence of diamond tennis bracelets, particularly in 2ct, 3ct, and 5ct tw

• the ever-popular diamond hoops in all shapes, sizes, carat weights and designs

• and basic diamond studs and anniversary bands 

IDD president and CEO, Alok Mehta said: “We owe much of our diamond basic success to our incredible global diamond resources and, most importantly, our firm commitment to consistency, quality, value and service.  We want our customers to capture every possible basic sale during the busy holiday season and throughout the year.  To that end we are extremely committed.”

For more information about IDD’s diamond basic programs, please visit www.IDDjewerly.com or call 800-621-1162 and speak to an IDD representative.