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New B&W Collection by Jane Wullbrandt offers the hottest color & metal combination

B&W Collection will premiere at the Atlanta Jewelry Show
(ATLANTA) - B&W Collection, the hottest new line by award-winning designer Jane Wullbrandt, speaks to a celebrated classic that's enjoying greater attention as fashion and accessories go wild for black and white tuxedo and graphic looks.

"Always Right... Day or Night... Black & White," the tagline for this new series, precisely defines a look that is incredibly easy to wear anytime, with any outfit, for any occasion. Wullbrandt combines exotic black spinel with creamy white agate in 18-karat yellow gold and, for the first time, sterling silver in her most popular designs including her Signature, ScrollWorks®, Shapes, and Lattice styles.

The market is ripe for stylish fine jewelry that incorporates sterling silver, especially those that combine it with gold, colored gemstones, and diamonds. Margins on sterling silver jewelry rose for over 40% of jewelers surveyed by National Jeweler during the 2008 holiday season, outpacing margin increases in all other product categories for the months of November and December.

"Black and white is so easy to wear and goes with everything, a real ‘no-brainer,'" says Wullbrandt, who notes that her decision to introduce sterling silver into her line was to drop her already affordable prices even more, with the latest collection retailing from $440 to $1,115.

Jane-FebAlthough Wullbrandt has used black jade and mother-of-pearl in the past to create black and white looks, her new collection predominantly features black spinel and white agate - which her gem supplier cut especially to fit her designs because he knew she would love it. "When I first saw the white agate, I immediately got into ‘the zone' of designing with it. In just one night, I had a whole new black and white series of jewelry I wanted to produce."

Historically, the "yin and yang" of black and white represent how seemingly opposing forces are interconnected and interdependent on each other. Many natural dualities are cast in yin yang - complementary opposites that continually interact to create a dynamic equilibrium that evolves and transforms. (image: Jane Wullbrandt's latest collection, the B&W Collection, mostly features black spinel and white agate. It will be unveiled at the Spring Atlanta Jewelry Show.)

Wullbrandt created the B&W Collection in memory of her late father Fritz Wullbrandt and his longtime friend, the late Ray Barkmeier, who were partners for 40 years in B&W Fine Foods in Hampton, Iowa. The ideal partnership Ray and Fritz shared, both personally as friends and professionally as business associates, left a lasting impression on Wullbrandt's life. "They were great partners, who taught me about friendship and fairness, and instilled a strong work ethic in me" she describes.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of B&W designs will benefit Alzheimer's and cancer research, the illnesses that took the lives of Ray and Fritz, respectively. "Their partnership, and the role it played in my life, inspired the contributions I'll make in their memories," says Wullbrandt.

Wrought with meaning and influenced by the art that is all around us, Wullbrandt has created, once again, a timeless look that delivers designer brand status for exceptional value. Because her collections evoke signature harmony in architectural inspirations and broad use of color, collectors can effortlessly mix and match pieces.

Although Wullbrandt's designs answer the latest style trends, they embrace a classic chic that will keep them as much in fashion tomorrow as they are today. Her jewelry appeals to women who value original styles and custom design over label status.

Those attending the Atlanta Jewelry Show, Feb. 28 to March 2 can see the line firsthand at Booth 49 in the Point of View section. For more information, call 404-816-2648, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit www.janewullbrandt.com.