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What did you do today to bring in the bacon tomorrow?


The question in the headline is one I ask myself at the end of every business day. It’s one I hope by the end of this column that you’ll start asking yourself. You see, it’s really more about your mind-set than anything else. You’ll discover that developing the “Maverick Marketing” mind-set of how to bring in tomorrow’s bacon is also what will help you be extremely successful in the jewelry business.

Every day, I ask myself as well as the sales associates in my store, “What did you do today to bring in the bacon tomorrow?” At first, they looked at me with a blank stare and I could almost see them thinking, “You mean I’ve got to do something else besides selling, cleaning cases and taking in repairs?”

My answer was a simple “Yes,” and then I began to elaborate to them just as I’m going to do with you now. You see, when everybody climbs into the marketing boat together, and starts rowing in the same direction, amazing things begin to happen.

Before the end of each business day, my staff and myself will do at least one thing to bring in the bacon tomorrow. Ok, ok, so what is that one thing? See the checklist below and use these ideas as your starting point. Pick at least one of these to do before you leave your store each day.

1. Call a preferred client and let them know you’ve received something you think they’ll love!

2. E-mail a group of customers with a jewelry special only available to them (You do have an e-mail list, don’t you?)

3. Identify every new customer who has come through your doors in the last week and mail them a brochure, flyer or special offer. Better yet, why not develop a new customer welcome kit with bounce back offers to bring them back in the door?

4. If someone has referred a buying customer to your store, why not send them a gift certificate of an amount you decide as thanks for referring them to you!

5. Check your warranty lists and let the appropriate customers know it’s time to bring the jewelry they purchased in for cleaning & inspection. (While they are there.. show them something new!!!)

6. Take the time to discover the customers with an upcoming birthday/anniversary and send them a card with a gift certificate enclosed to spend at your store.

These are just a few of the ideas I use every single day. Use these as a starting point for coming up with your own ideas - but most importantly - implement them right away! These are just little things, but they add up over time. It’s this kind of thing that consistently brings 20-30 new people in my door every week.

Now go back and read this column again. Massage the ideas into your brain, discuss them with your staff. When you put them into daily practice, pretty soon, you’ll be doing the things that bring in the bacon for your store tomorrow!

Bill Warren is a highly successful marketing jeweler who is also a sought after motivational marketing speaker. Recently he, along with co-host Jim Ackerman, released a 6 Session Box CD Set titled, “Marketing Gems 2.0., How To Quickly Get More Customers Who Will Pay You More Money, More Often in The Jewelry Business.” To get more info on this or to contact Bill, call 828-729-1020, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.warrenmarketingsystems.blogspot.com.