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13 questions to consider for self-improvement!

This issue I thought I would share with you something I published several years ago. Many people still have these questions hanging on the wall in their offices and think about them on a regular basis. I don’t know where I originally ran across these questions, but I know that I personally look at them often. I hope you enjoy them and they make a difference for you.

1) Have you found your life’s passion and are you working to fulfill the mission?

2) Are you contributing or are you taking more than you are giving?

3) Do you spend both time and money toward your personal growth, development and well-being?

4) Are you taking care of yourself mentally, physically and emotionally?

5) Are you working to improve your relationships or do you accept them as they are?

6) When you dream, do you dream big and then follow your dreams?

7) Do you have goals and objectives you are working toward in both your personal and business life?

8) Do you view problems and obstructions in your life as a personal learning experience?

9) Do you pride the accomplishments of others as you do your own?

10) Do you take the challenge of beating the odds and pride yourself on the accomplishment?

11) Have you left a positive mark on the lives you have touched and remained humble?

12) Do you always strive to do the right thing?

13) Are you respectful of others?

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