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Repeating your success – creating business health

Celebrating the products you’ve chosen, honoring the salespeople you’ve hired, basking in the glories of your reputation create the wheels of business health and success. Mastering all of these techniques and carefully nurturing all of the components advances the most important part of business - repeat business!

Once you’ve launched the product line and found the quality staff to successfully sell all the benefits and features to your customers and you’ve begun to build your reputation as a quality organization with integrity and customer service as core values, the next step is to repeat it all! Repeat it and repeat it and repeat it! 

The challenge is to repeat it in such a fashion that your products, your personnel, your reputation all become a part of the cutting edge in your industry! If you constantly strive for excellence, the repetitious part is the striving for excellence! 

Once you’ve arrived at excellence, a greater level of financial success, increased foot-traffic, better word-of-mouth advertising, and finer opportunities become evident; all of which create the need for higher degrees of and demands for finessed techniques to add value to your entire enterprise! It’s called growth

Striving for excellence, growth, success - business health - create a host of new challenges and situations to be mastered for the next level! These are the “good problems to have” that we all strive to attain.  Expanding your expertise and your resources to meet each occasion determines your progress to the next level. For good or for ill, it is unusual that all components of a healthy, growing business present their advantages in the same manner or at the same time. Business health demands flexibility and forethought to anticipate broader experiences. Using tools to effectively assess progress and future needs become increasingly important to determine the progress and direction of all of the steps you’ve implemented. 

Knowing when to make corrective adjustments to your course of success makes your business trajectory and prognosis more accurate. In fact, as a business grows, some habits that were effective at a “smaller” growth stage may need serious modification. Creating and maintaining a well-designed road map and following that road map with the necessary revisions ensure that all your hard work is not lost and that your business continues to develop in a healthy fashion is, ideally, an engaging and interesting process, free from distracting “off-track” detours or wreckages! It’s called creating strategies for success! When done well, these plans and successes form the newest bases for the next levels of growth! Many business leaders indicate that with the growth that has occurred, their own motivation changes to incorporate the wider goals and markers of progress. And yet, keeping all of the plates which drive their own success spinning requires greater and greater commitments from them personally!

At any point, or at several points in these cycles, utilizing available “outside” resources makes the process of developing business health more manageable. Sometimes there may be accounting challenges, at other points legal issues may arise. A critical point for many businesses is the hiring, training, managing and compensating the personnel who are doing the selling and growing of that business. IAS Training has a wide variety of products, programs, and services to assist you in the on-going development of your businesses’ finest asset - quality salespeople!

Author, trainer, consultant, and speaker Brad Huisken is President of IAS Training. Huisken has authored several books and training manuals on sales and  produces a Weekly Sales Training Meeting video series along with Aptitude Tests and Proficiency Exams for new hires, current sales staff and sales managers. In addition, he publishes a free weekly newsletter called “Sales Insight” For a free subscription or more information contact IAS Training at 800-248-7703 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Visit his website at www.iastraining.com.