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Deliver individual customer service

We often think of customer service in terms of standards that are set by the company or sales manager for which we work. Having a baseline or goal for customer service is always a good thing, but they often leave out a key component.

Every customer we work with is different, they have different needs and wants, even when buying the same product. How they approach a buying situation also differs, some will want to hear everything about the product they are buying and others will want to get in and get out. Some customers will know exactly what they want before they even walk in the door and others may not even have an idea of what they need.

If customers are different, then how can our customer service approach be the same? The answer is it can’t. The professional salesperson will adjust their customer service approach to fit each customer they deal with.

Two customers are shopping for an engagement ring on the same day. Tim is just out of college and just landed an entry level job. Rick is older and towards the top of his profession. Both customers are important and deserve the highest level of customer service, but it’s not going to be the same.

Tim is going to be more interested in less expensive options and possibly a layaway plan to make it easier to fit within his budget. Rick is more likely to be interested in the higher end rings and is more likely to pay cash. Both deserve the highest level of customer service.

In addition to the financial differences, Rick may know what he wants just because he’s a little older and has more experience. In that case, a salesperson is going to listen more and show him rings that fit what Rick is describing.

Tim, most likely, has never made a purchase like this before and is going to need more professional guidance. He is probably going to need to see more styles and designs. The best salesperson is going to adjust to both Tim and Rick based on their needs.

Every salesperson can follow the basic customer service standards, but it is the salesperson who adjusts their customer service approach to fit the customer that will excel.

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