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When the world overwhelms you!

Everyone has those days when nothing goes right; you can’t get past the non-business conversation, you can’t overcome any objections, and even if you get the opportunity to close, it never happens. Those are the days when we feel overwhelmed and are absolutely sure nothing is ever going to go right again. Everything we touch seems to blow up in our faces. So, the question becomes how do we get past that feeling and get back on track?

I heard a quote the other day that has stayed with me. “When the world overwhelms you, focus on accomplishing one thing and then build on that.”

That’s how you get out of a selling slump, you take it one positive step at a time. If you focus on everything that is not going right, of course you are going to be overwhelmed. However, if you focus on doing one thing well, then you are on your way to brighter days.

Every salesperson’s goal is always to close as many sales as possible, but to get to that goal sometimes you have to break it down even further. For example, focus on your non-business conversations and getting better at those. It may not lead to a sale but if you start to feel better about your non-business conversations then you have accomplished one thing and can move on to the next.

The next thing might be working on improving how you handle objections. Now you have accomplished two things, and all of the sudden those things that were so overwhelming to you are now more manageable.

Now that you have handled the non-business conversation and are better at overcoming objections, you can work on closing your sales. Instead of closing as many sales as possible, maybe your goal is to close one sale today. If you accomplish that goal, then try to close two sales tomorrow.

Even the best salespeople have slumps and go through periods where they feel like they are never going to close a sale again. The best, and perhaps only, way to get out of those slumps is to try and accomplish one thing and the build on that.

It’s simple, but it works!

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